Monday, May 12, 2008

A bit too sick to blog a lot

SICK! Mood swing is really really BAD.
Ok, here to tell you guy. I have so many names now.
Jevonne* Edison* calls me Bastard. Jevonne* added a new one calls CB
Jovi* calls me HarGao coz of a joke and his gf Bunny calls me MuahChee coz I looks like one.
So now, the starfish Patrick wanna join in, calling me MuahGao!!!

LOL.. Why call me bastard because....
I am one!!! Just kinda quarrel with someone on WG. Nv before. LOL coz he doubt that I never scream at someone, so.. He should get screamings from me. =D I am evil. Just nice I am an angry cat, he come and step on my tail. So.... DIE =P

Reply to tag soon.. Too sick already =x

WG has HOT list, why don't have hate list???

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