Tuesday, May 20, 2008

birthday thanks =D

Too many pictures to post up. Gotta sleep early tonight.

So i am now going to thank people who wish me happy birthday
Thanks for making my phone ring non-stop starting from 12 =DDD
Special thanks to...
...Yusri*, Yusri*s girlfriend and Edison* for the surprise party =D
...the queen for the lovely cake.
...LiKuan* Melissa* CCK* Jacko* JingFeng* for the fish&chips birthday celebration =D
...KaiKai*s beer xD
...LaoGong for the message that hit me so hard, LOL. So LaoGong! Faster come back from Japan and we will go shopping!! Coz I miss you!!

Sorry for not putting all the names up. But still, LOVE TO EVERYONE

Thanks for being there for me when you all know my problem =D
You all are the best that I've ever get from WG.

LiKuan*:: yup meet up again soon! ya, my animals always fall. Told you I need to plastic my face already.
SoonYan*:: ya, because its the fact =D
LaoGong*:: score high because they cheat! And maybe because its too easy.
AhHao*:: Oic =)
BlueberrySWEET:: Its not fun if everyone score 100 =( Who what?
Jevonne*:: Ya, she got bigger eyes all thanks to you! LOL Angry pig was..Don't want to even think abut their ugly names. LOL. yes? CCB? I am still here!
Edison*:: We are from the bong family and We are bastards
Denise*:: Find one day, lets party!
Bunny*:: Thanks!
:P :: No eye lashes extension. No money to do
Wei Cong*:: Hey thanks!
Alicia*:: Stop it! LOL. Can't stop laughing. Thanks, anyway, I still want my chicken wings!

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