Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bored, upset, ...

Why is everybody at powerhouse tonight?
And I am stuck here so much like crying =(

Denise*:: huh? I didn't know you were with Kai* Lol.
LiKuan*:: but over all ok, still enjoy =D
Jackson*:: which Jackson* are you?=x
Jevonne*:: done
AhHao*:: Icic,.. which friend? =x
Edison*:: Wasn't angry.
Passerby*:: which post? None was talking about Kelly*
YiFan*:: =DDDD HAHA. I miss you kor! =DDD meet up again soon ok?? Don't let me to miss you too much ok? =DDDDD
Wilzk:: Thanks =)

My blog is dying like me =(

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