Friday, May 23, 2008

Night at partyworld with JJJ =D

The JJJ out`ing. =D
Non-edit`ed pictures, one word UGLY
Meet Jensen* and Jevonne* to Boat Quay for interrview @ 1st at Jevonne*s house.
Kai* came and meet us. Poor thing cannot join us. Gotta work tml.

Anyway, congrats to Jevonne*. Got your job and working on the next day.
LOL. Fast can?!?!
And please stop talking to me on MSN coz I am just in front of you. zzz

Went partywold after that. Sing and sing with 2 pros.

NOTE::Edit`ed the previous post.

AhHao*:: Thanks =D ehh.. actually until now I don't know who are you. LOL. So you know both me and Edison*?
Denise*:: HUH?? Monday? I at home? eh.. which Denise* are you? =x
Jevonne*:: LOVE YOU TOO!! cbc..

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