Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gotta work harder and eat lesser

Super in love with ST550
Photo without editing. I swear (:

Anyways, don't have the time to blog but I'll make sure I upload the photos ASAP (:
Will be working for the whole week.
Feel so tired when I talk about work.
See me around at Marina Square!!!

Passby :: Its the Maxi eyes. (: I'm using BBcream and loose powder.
Lina*:: Will update when I'm free ya!
DJKei :: Nope. Why? Must I???? I don't know anything about it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


身体健康, 恩恩爱爱!!!!

Pictures for the Vogue Pretty Boys event!!!

Just a few cut short photos. (:
Too many pictures already!!!
134Pictures how to upload you tell me?

After party, to clubNANA (:
Really tired and met up with some problem in the toilet.
Anyways, really enjoy myself!
Special thanks to my sister and her friends,
UncleDayn*, Louis*, Cleveland* (:
Mark* and Brandon* for supporting!!

After NANA, after sending Ice* home..
When you've got the right people with you,
even getting stuck on expressway is so fun.
Look at us, all half alive.

Anyway, got a surprise in the afternoon, not long after I wake up.
Thanks (:
Actually I don't like 肉干.
But after something last month I fall in love with 肉干
and I wanted to get some for CNY.
So nice of you (I don't know if you mind me writing your name here)!!
Anyway, thanks a lot!!

Lina*:: What what?? Link??


Another promise after yesterday, you owe me something again!
I've got reasons to disturb you again!
Hope you don't say it for the sake of saying.
Please? (:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jewel Box with Brandon Sim

I hate it when I can't use photobucket anymore. ):

Anyways, I went to Jewel Box yesterday with Mr Sim.
Thanks Mr Sim for dinner and also for accompanying me to town! (:
BIG SMILE for you, Mr Sim!

At the entrance. (: Pretty place, good service!

J for Jewel box?
J for Jojo Lai?
J for Jian Liang?

Vday special!

The bell without any lights.
Looks a lil scary.

The last time I went to Jewel box was 3 years back!
Changed quite a lot. More spacious. And of cos prettier.

Mr Sim's fruit salad.
The source taste like Rojak( Don't know how to spell )

My starter. Shabu Shabu (:
I always thought Shabu Shabu are raw beef.
Something different!

Kitchen closed. No watermelon juice. Hah!!
Mr Sim don't disturb! HAHAHAH.

My beef cheek! Not bad...

His chicken. A lil too salty.

Well, overall I find that there are too lil things for me to choose from the menu.
Food is ok ok only. Best is still the Shabu Shabu.

After that to butter...
Then back to my house area...
Thanks for the talk Mr BRANDON* Sim!!!

Please visit!!!!/event.php?eid=310281465114&ref=ts

Come and support me tonight!!!!

Come and get tix from me!!!

Jevonne*:: But no photobucket ):
Yvon*:: Nice right? I'm damn into it. HAHA
Passerby:: THANK YOUs!!
Stella*:: YAAAAAAA. I love the show. When the DVD is out I'm so gonna get it!
Michiyo*:: Coming for the event tonight?
Junwei*:: Very nice.. (:
Lina*:: No problem! :D

Sometimes I hope tonight can drag longer,
so that at least there is still something you owe me,
so that I've got excuses to talk to you.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Here to share a very nice song!

别打开 礼物的缎带
最初充满期待 最后都腐败
别打开 午夜的电台

而爱 并没有教给我生存
可是爱 让我们变成陌生人

不要吻我 只要抱着我
不要爱我 做我的亲人
把手借我 一天一分钟
不是谁的情人 谁的某某某

就算我 全身湿透透
我也不再被谁 牵着鼻子走
如果我 还握住拳头

而爱 并不如你想的万能
可是爱 连慈悲也没多慈悲


I'm so into 下一站, 幸福. (Autumn's Concerto)
Why I love the show so much is because the show says a lot.
Telling me things that I don't know and let me learn a bit when it comes to my personal life.

米修 米修♥

Stella*:: Are you Zi Yao*?? (: Thanks!!!
LaoGong:: Hahaha.. I got 2 pimples man..
LiKuan*:: I never!!!!! ): I miss so many people now.