Friday, December 21, 2007


Sorry. computer was down :( just like my mood..
wells, suddenly miss so many things and i can't really sleep.
when i sleep, i had a lot of dreams.
i dream about a lot of the past happy times :)
thanks people for giving me all those memories
i am missing so many things and people

wells, thats my mood now..
next on, PICTURES!!!

introducing my monkey boyfriend!!!

was partying this few weeks..

brother Yifan* :)

kissy to jasmine*


at Tin's toilet.. no one saw this in the toilet ??

painting his room

ya la.. model la!

derenc....... haha :D

kinda tired now and com will black out anytime..
tml is my check up day.. wish me good luck ya!! :D

passerby:: from bugis
Jamie*::wil update u soon
Miki*:: miss u too! hope to see u soon :D
Nanny:: thank you.. see you soon!!!
michiyo*:: updated :)
PinG*::yup i am fine :) thanks
Yan*::Hey! are you ok? bike accident?? sounds serious
Jensen*:; yup! here is my new post :D:D

hope i can blog again soon!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

in pain

Back! but i don't hav any pictures to share. sorry :(
plush`ed, sentosa`ed... ....
many things happened.
Won't have pictures of myself for the period of time
b'coz i am disfigured :(((((

don't ask me why.
i am just too dumb to get myself hurt.
bruise, cuts...
i can tell you, its my first time.
i am afraid. i won't go near anymore
hurt my face so badly and the cut in my mouth moving against my teeth.
it really hurt so much

i will get tru by myself.
i will be strong :)
getting a haircut to get a new and better start for myself all over again

Jensen*:: yup, i understand :)
aju*:: LAI ON YI!!!
Jevonne*:: okok! 2 more months!
LiKuan*:: no problem!
LHQ*:: ok! no prob!
Ping*:: you too! thanks!
Ben*:: okok!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Had an event at Zouk. Kinda tired.

Finally got myself VIP by myself. Always is VIP bringing me in so i am VIP.

I am feeling kinda weird. So many things running tru my head. I don't know why i have this feeling. I am envy of girls that can work if they want to, they can go round dance floor with only girlfriends... somehow this was my last time. I hope i can be like that again.

seeing friends having more and more achievement from their job. i can't like i used to have.
seeing friends enjoying their night out with their own girlfriends and dancing anywhere they like. i can't like i used to have.. its bugging me :(

but i am NOT angry or jealous or what. just that..
can i have them back?

Steph*:: finally i see you again. when is out meet up??
Miss Piggy Lass :: thats not my dog. its capricorn-romance's dog and it seriously looks like sheep :D anyway, you've got an interesting blog!! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pictures of animals :D

back :) was sick this few days. Busy resting at home. My plans all ruin :(
wells, out with my Darling Jas and Capricorn-romance nearly everyday.
feel like rotting already. never get to dance for so long!!!!


darling and me


cats hidding from the heavy rain. waiting for food

i found this guinee pig under my block
she is badly injured i think. coz theres a cut on her lil-head
so i get a cage from my house and some food for her
now its at capricorn's house
any kind people can keep her safe and warm??
she is now inside the small lil hamster cage

she've been eating since the day we brought her home. NON-STOP
i really hope someone to have her and take really good care of her.
guess she is old already.

Please. someone help this poor lil-thing.

Jensen*::BOO back!!!
Van*::thanks! urs are even nicer. love ur new piercing!! *jealous*
Steph*::miss you too!! meet up soon!!
LiPing*::Woah. you making him fly. LOL
may*:: :)
Darling*:: okkkkk~!!!
Kelly*:: nope.. you also MIA!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


sorry for the lack of post again. Coz when i am home, i will be studying for my exam and i wasn't home to study this few days.
Plush`ed the night before. sleep so much yesterday. and i am sleepy now.
just finished eaten but i am digging for food again... ): gonna be a fatty so so so soon.
got lotsa new pictures here but i was lazy to resize and edit`ing them. so i am now posting up some pictures of myself. Pictures of plush night with my lil-flower

capricorn & taurus

Darling and Darling. HAHA! DoubleJ - Jojo*&Jasmine*


see my lil-flower?

And was named Hawaii for that night.

will blog again with interesting pics. Loves to all!

LiKuan*:: thanks!! going where afterexam? :D
Miki*:: ok!
DaMao:: omg. i didn't see. haha! sexy what :P
LiPing*:: Luckily you say i am scary. coz we took very long to make up! :D
JiaHao*:: i like going anywhere with them.
Steph*:: HAHA
SoonYan*:: haha! look like me what!
Derence*:: okok! will link you!
JellyJO*:: thanks!
Yan*:: when hunting again? need to buy a new camera for hunting already!
Theodora*:: Hello!
HarryQ*:: okok. will link you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

PulauUbin & hollaween party

didn't get to blog coz was prepring for my Os and working at the same time :)

heres the pictures of my family outing @ Pulau Ubin

there is A LOT of lil-crabs next to my shadow. can't really see :(

a school of primary school fishes. coz there are smaller ones which is maybe K1K2? haha. I donno how they do it. Together they will swim in one direction and they will move away when theres a dead leaf or some rubbish there.

thats my hardworking sis

7 floor. going up!

on the way to the top
and the view from the top...

the tallest coconut tree :)

anyway, was saying i am working. Yup! as a ghost!
at night safari :)

so tired. can't rest my hand or else my paint will drop.
the final.. very SCARY!

wells, gtg prepare for work tml! byeeee
guess i was gone for a long time. lagging from replyzzz
Jamie*::haha. sorry ah! but eill meet u soon!! all the best for Os!!
Steph*::its ok. guess the JOJO on my taggy is you right??
Joan*::thanks. anyway, i saw your boyfriend when i work at SP if i am not wrong.
Crystal*:: not reallyeh. a bit messy to reply there
frankyraven:: RSS? what you mean. sorry i don't understand. and sorry. i don't message on friendster. so sorry :(
Kelly*::Yup! hope to see you soon and take lotsa pics together. shocked that you actually come to my blog. And BLOG MORE PLEASE!!!
Soonyan*:: yup. all the best for Os. will meet you for studies ok? :)
Passerby:: sorry i am not sure. coz its not my phone. and the ringtone i have inside is all the recorded tone. not mp3
Capricorn-romance:: Vin is prettier. HAHA!

sorry for late reply. i reply on my post. i won't skip reply`ing coz my blog is not popular so don't worry. i will try my best to blog more and reply ASAP! and why is people going around trying to adver on cbox`es? including mine? :(

Monday, October 08, 2007

Party girl - JOJO

Gotta blog often :) because i feel that i am forgetting about things that i wanna blog about.
tommorrow going for "work" and i am still awake, blogging

went for the roadshow for Gillette Fusion @ suntac
with Kelly* Chloe* and lin*

me and kelly. i look very tired. i wanna take more pictures with them :(

Mr.boyfriend when he is sweet. [[i help him with makeup in this pic, notice? =x]]

and Mr.boyfriend when he is @#$%^&*(^!.

finally got donuts from Donut factory. is it their name Donut factory? opps.
pictures of 2 cute lil-cats.

this was taken when i was walking home. It was sleeping next to the market, inside the old boxes.

this was taken in the MRT
cute right????

Pictures from
taken @ PLUSH

Taurus-romance, Capricorn-romance, Leon* and jas*

again, four of us plus Jensen* and Harry*

group photo. Actually theres 2 group photo. but as you can see the Capricorn-romance is pulling a long face, the other picture was WORST!

reply to butterfly kisses first :)
Capricorn-romance:: ya. very long hair. why 3 PEACE??? and you don't have to look at my blog to laugh, you can look into the mirror everyday and LAUGH!
Jamie*:: why can't take CK? no girls went? might be closing this or sth. will see which is better.
crystal*::really? but like a bit troublesome to reply when tag on CBOX
Jellyjo*::ohh..nv see you at all. :\
dERENCE*:: poke you back! Vin*s bro huh?? =) hello!
Van*::yup. but difficult to reply =( see you soon!!
Jevonne*::yup. so must tag more =P
soonyan*::sorrysorry. long time since i hear from you!! meet up soon!

sarcasm hurts even more when its from you. stop it
everything gotta go your way, maybe its just a small thing so you don't even see but it affects me so much.