Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pictures of animals :D

back :) was sick this few days. Busy resting at home. My plans all ruin :(
wells, out with my Darling Jas and Capricorn-romance nearly everyday.
feel like rotting already. never get to dance for so long!!!!


darling and me


cats hidding from the heavy rain. waiting for food

i found this guinee pig under my block
she is badly injured i think. coz theres a cut on her lil-head
so i get a cage from my house and some food for her
now its at capricorn's house
any kind people can keep her safe and warm??
she is now inside the small lil hamster cage

she've been eating since the day we brought her home. NON-STOP
i really hope someone to have her and take really good care of her.
guess she is old already.

Please. someone help this poor lil-thing.

Jensen*::BOO back!!!
Van*::thanks! urs are even nicer. love ur new piercing!! *jealous*
Steph*::miss you too!! meet up soon!!
LiPing*::Woah. you making him fly. LOL
may*:: :)
Darling*:: okkkkk~!!!
Kelly*:: nope.. you also MIA!!!!

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Miss Piggy Lass said...

Cute!! is that your dog? haha it looks like a sheep :p.

Awww poor guinea pig!! I hate people like that. Keep pets and never take care and then abandon them. I love guinea pigs