Thursday, March 26, 2009

): Computer died

M.I.A for a long time. Cos my computer can't take it anymore. ):

Went to watch dragonball with Kien* (:


The pictures are just so different.

Dragon Jensen*

Busy Vincent*

Vain Edison*

What are they watching hur? LOL

Edison*s face. Classic.
Cos at 1st we didn't know how to drink the tea.
Super sour!

Kien* and friends at another table. (:

Kim*:: You very blur eh! But anyway, thanks!!! (:
Yvonne*:: THANKS!!
Guest:: No extensions. Er.. Now using mabelline mosse.
Guest:: THANKS!!
Michiyo*:: Thanks!!!
HappyQueen:: Com died ):
Nick*:: See you later
Nana*:: (: Hope things are getting better in your work. Don't so stress!!
Steph*:: When my com is ok, I'll send you (:
Edison*:: Com died. ):
UNDENIABLEPAST:: Really?? Taurus!!
(: :: (:
En En*:: HELLO! (:
vogueindulge:: Can just call me (:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FHM GND - Velvet Underground party

13MAR`09 - Friday the 13th ( Great day! )
Party with the FHM GNDs.
Chrishirl* the retard, Bevlyn*, Assumpta*, Jojo*, Freda* Hebe-alike, Felica*

Act only. HA. Fierce right???

Crazy Taurus

Like kissing Hebe*. HAHA! Super alike.

They say open our mouths but,...
Only the 2 crazy ones did.

Felica*s trademark

Phuture dance floor. Can die maRn!
Thanks Kien* for...
-sending me home
-the memory card
-the eye drop
-the email to the school
Sorry to make you wait.

Next day, made reservation @ The Meritus Mandarin Singapore

Chatterbox chicken rice! (:
Waiting for Sebastian* to send me the pictures!!


Wooooooooooooot~!! The vampigs. WAHAHAHAHA.
Stop fighting with my pet!
Anyway, thank you, lil-pig and Marv* for the lil chat @ BQ. (:

Kim*:: I just touch the worm. Its not on my hand. HAHA. Thanks! Its 20cents/SMS. (: Don't have to SMS more. Know you are supporting me (: Happy lor! Thanks!
Bevlyn*:: BKK?
Michiyo*:: Sorry I didn't on my HP. Call me again K?
HappyQueen*:: Is it? Her song so nice.
Wilzk:: =D Thanks!
UNDENIABLEPAST:: It was a paid holiday trip. So I don't know about the price sorry!
Lao po:: You are...?? Lao PO??
Joses*:: THANKS!
Mabel*:: Thank you!!
Felicia*:: Thanks!
Sab*:: Thanks! Meet up soon ya?
Hao*:: Haha. Yup. Thanks!
Vanessa*:: Thanks darling!
Keith*:: Shocked! Thanks!
Lanified:: Never upgrade any software. Or maybe you changed the quality of the camera? Mine is the superfine one.
Rach*:: SUPER SHOCKED! Thanks!!!!!!!! (:
nahyieve:: THANKS! HAHA. You send one to me also. HAHA
YiFan*:: KOR!! Thanks!!!
Nick*:: Don't need la. HAHAHAHA. You super funny. Thanks for advertising for me. HAHA.
B-phosis:: I used paint to comb the pic then edit at (:

Special thanks to...
Kien* for voting just after seeing the mag.
Sebastian* for SMS`ing 100 on that day? LOLOLOL. Thou I know you are kidding.

Promise to blog more to kill your boredom!! (:

Friday, March 13, 2009


FHM4 GND37 (your name) (Your IC number) (your email addess)
To 73388 (:

Example* FHM4 GND37 Jojo Lai S8971703E
To 73388

Tell me if you've sms.
Support me ok?
Love love!
(I know I look fugly and funny in the pic)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

最幸福的事 - 梁文音

My new blog song.
Because of the MTV, I stay in front of my TV and listen to the whole song.
(When I seldom listen to one whole song)
Look at the bus stop names.
This song is to everyone.

So much memories.
Good and bad.
Makes me think of something.

I realize, human prefer listening to lies.
Because the fact is always better, nicer..
For example, I know I am ugly,
but when people say that I am ugly, I'll get upset.
But when people lie and say I am pretty,I will be happy.

When I know you love her.
I still hope you to lie and say you love me.
Argghh. This is so stupid!

BALI day 4 - Last day

Wake up for shopping!!

The pretty flower outside our front door.

Bakso again! (Make me feel so hungry now!)

Extra wanton.

Waiting for the pig to wake up.

Heh. (:

The pig is still inside the room sleeping.

Finally she got up and have her breakfast.
I am inside the room watching SCV.
I am not angry ok, chirshirl*.
I know you are tired. PIG!
Anyway, she is sweet.
She went to get more of the yummy wanton.

And share it with me! With the yummy carrot juice.

Finally the car is back. ZOOM~ Here we go...

Tel booth.


The 1st traffic light after 45min trip.

We were rushing to shop.
So no photo of shops.

Hello! We were late and he was still waiting. (:


The lil-road back to the villa.
Small and narrow.

See? They told me some of the farmer's family sleep there!
So dangerous. Just at the side of the narrow path.

Moo moo outside the villa.

Quickly pack and into the car again.
Way to the airport!

On the plane.

Bye BALI! I miss you!

Playful Chrishirl*.

Bye BALI~!

The meal on the flight there was better.

Hello Singapore!

About the poll, ...
1st question :: Many prefer more pictures on my blog! I will post more!
(Very shocked that many wanna know more about me (: Thanks!)
2nd question :: Thanks for coming here at least once in awhile (:
3th question :: All of you thinks that my blog is interesting!
(Thank you so so so much! So comment and tell me more of what I can improve)
4th question :: I think I will put a song that is not so loud.
5th question :: YA! Just ask lar! ASK MORE! (:
Thank you to everyone who did the poll.

HanJie*:: Thanks. Your voice is better!
Chrishirl*:: =D
Kim*:: I didn't really touch them. HAHA. I also scared.
Michiyo*:: Yes! Its superb!
vogueindulge:: Hmmmm...?
Jumbo:: The Istana Bali
HappyQueen*:: A bit lazy to make. HAHA
Steph*:: Yup! (: You saw me? Nice photos in your blog!
Mabel*:: OK!
UNDENIABLEPAST:: The Istana Bali. Its a villa
Hao*:: Ya, the other one has error when using firefox.
Nick*:: Ha~! Crazy matchstick.
Yan*:: Yours nicer. In Singapore now.
Lisa*:: Sorry, the intake has ended. But you still can send to me. My email is You sure you type the whole thing? Its with the email infront. Rof*s friend email`ed me already.