Tuesday, July 31, 2007


very cute RIGHT????

got them back!

we don't waste our time in HK. must enjoy to the fullest!! so....

well........... =P
welcome to the snoopy land!

well, didn't get pictures recently. the camera is toooo old... so its very sick now :( sorry for lack of post!!

jevonne*:: ohhhh.. i want you to move back soon :(
Anonymous:: i am back and you are?? should be someone i know??
wilson::thanks! :)
Anonymous:: i brought it back :) they are yummy!!
stanley:: thanks :)
Jamie*:: quick meet up with me!! got things for you!!
Relfy*:: i am back. meet up soon. got lotsa things to tell you!!
J.p:: yup. blog`ed :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

China, HongKong jockey club

HELLO!!!!! i am here to blog :) ok. first, i will blog about my china trip. actually i've got a lot of pictures but only post the better pictures. sorry, kinda busy in HK and china.

heres the pictures from China. while we were "plucking" peanuts :)
my sis and me

very sunny and hot day, sis and my result. well, kinda lousy :P

next, HongKong Jocky club!!!! i am finally 18, of coz i need to visit the jockey club and its consider the last race of the year, coz they will only race again in sept.
theres a lot of nice horses around. but theres way toooooo many people. so only manage to take this.

my cute sis and JOJO!! NOTE*** she is 3 YEARS OLDER THEN ME. scared you don't know ma. :P

piang!! begin!!!!!!......

jiayou jiayou!!! go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didn't know i was at the exit. the TOP will exit from here infront of me. so i can get nice and clear pictures of them.

so the winner is............

winnerrrrrrrrr!!!!! 1st!!!!

pictures of doggies. they stay in aircon room,join doggy club with a big swimming pool.. GOOD LIFE!!!

the 2 got scolded!!

1 of them :D they are HUGE ok! when they stand on both back legs, they are almost as tall as me. NOTE*** i am NOT very short

see its tail?! big right? don't play play!!!


awww.. don't be sad :P

sorry for the "not so good" quality of the pictures , my "so bad without make-up" face and the lack of post. hope u can forgive me coz i hav my reasons. i am lack of time to edit pictures, and in hk, sometimes i wake up too late, and gotta rush, don't have the time to make up. Forgive me ok? :) will blog some other day. LOVEsss

Vampy:: :) miss you too!
Jamie*:: you take care too!!
stanley*::thanks. sorry. i don't really understand your message
jevonne*:: will link you when i've got the time :) will visit too!!
wilson*::thanks!!! taadaa.. another post for you :)

anyway, will try to bring some peanuts back to singapore! alto its kinda funny but still, theres hardwork and sweat in them!! :P