Monday, January 29, 2007

DINGGG!!! a different person!!

kinda shocked to know Vanessa* ASK AROUND STRANGERS TO LOOK FOR ME!!!
so i gotta blog about this!

and i realise i got no more nice picture of myself =p
coz i'm growing fatter and fatter
how sad

kelly*:: done!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

funny,cute,stubborn,idiotic,stupid people

tomolo will be working at robinson
so gotta sleep soon

b'coz when i log in, so many anons and if you all leave a message, maybe i will close it coz maybe you are one of the anons. so PLEASE do leave your messages at the bottom of my post. only if i am online, chat with me there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

why should i lie?
if i am from singapore, or anywhere
i will be proud of it

this is a funny chat but i remember ok!!!

sorry Mr.Clown* !!!
this is really FUNNY!!!!

jiaHao:: i think i saw her blog link in ur blog
meiLing*:: OK!

Monday, January 22, 2007


was playing the computer in the early morning after vanessa*s roller blading session and my walking session coz last night was unable to sleep after all this clubbing nights. we find nth to do anymore. so we are trying to tune back our body clock to a proper one =) but, oh well, i just woke up[[ 1 hour ago ]]

when vanessa* and i are too bored, we will go to talk to smarterchild which is some kind of computer system with the auto reply thingy. its cute!!! and help us to spend our time

so sorry to vanessa*!!!! i m having STM in the morning and didn't think properly!!! so so so sorry!!! make u take the wrong bus.

when i get home, i went to stalk on CLAPBANGKISS's [[DawnYang]] blog. i know that taggy is also from her blog. so i tried to talk to her as her status is online. SHE REPLIED!!!!! OMGGGG!!! really, she is just so nice but i know she is busy. so didn't talk much. really hope to see her in real!!! but, well well, its impossible =(( after the chat ended, its like so, OMG + sad. my heart beat so so so fast wihile chatting with her!!! nearly melt and DIED!!

anyway, the taggy there is not a normal taggy, so IF i am online, tag me and PLEASE wait for me to load the page as my com is not a very good one, it might take about a minute. and IF i am not online, hope u all can leave a message at the end of my post like usual ok???? thanksss!!!!!

Drew this on vanessa*s wall
wanna post pictures of my nice nice nails. but can't =(

meiLing*:: so so so sorry, i've change it. thanks !!! will look for u soon

Sunday, January 21, 2007


here to share some jokes
i feel some of them are dirty =x

# 1 Husband climbs on the bed naked.
Wife: I have headache.
Husband: Good! I have powdered my dick with aspirin. U want to take it orally or as injection.

# 2 Three fastest means of communication:
1 Telephone
2 Television
3 Tell-a-woman

# 3
One day, DUREX complained to KOTEX: "KNN! every time u work, I gotta 7
days off!"
KOTEX retorted: "KNS! whenever u make mistake during work, I gotta
take 9 months leave".

# 4
Man tell MP: My son a drug addict, my daughter a prostitute, my wife a
MP: Isn't there anything positive in your family?
Man: Yes, I am HIV positive.

# 5
What is common between a wife and a private swimming pool??
Answer: The cost of maintenance is too high compared to the time you
spend inside them!!!

# 6
Naked girl board taxi. Driver stared. Girl scold, never see naked girl
ah? Driver reply, see before but wondering where you keep your money
to pay taxi fare.

find this few funny =D

getting my pay tml
tt boss only wanna give me 1-day-pay
which is obviously not enuff!!!
few dollars also wanna calulate until liddat when he himself earn so much!!

i've added a new taggy thingy on the side of my blog. see if i am online. chat with me!!!

soonyan*:: thanks!! =DD
kelly*:: what were u thinking about?? i went to DXO but when i reach i don wanna go in already. Q too long.. i got lotsa things to tell u too! meet up soon ok? thanks for reading =)))
jiahao:: LOL. i am fat la. not very but ABIT ONLY ok?!?! hahaha.. thanks.. ohh ya. u know a girl call huiQi*?
Joan*:: =D
wenXin*::yup! see ya soon!
()()():: now i am using Maybelline's dream matte mousse. =)
frankyraven:: won't find u talkative. still hope u all will tag more. when is ur b'day?
meiLing*:: fine. u?? =)) long time no chat too! <<>>
Crystal*:: thanks =D

try talking to me on tt board ok!!! =DD

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

why must i?

somehow i am jealous of something which i shouldn't even bother
arghhh. just irritated by the memories in my brain
why should i even be jealous
i also don know why. someone lead me to an answer?

blogs are getting bored
blogger don blog as much nowadays
and also, no one is coming to read blogs
like what joan* said "talking to the wall"

oh wells
few pictures to show off

leaving to Zouk soon
anyone wanna join?

kelly*:: okok!
Joan*:: thanks!!
frankyraven :: not sure when i am getting result =)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

computer spoilt!

hi there
computer is DOWN!
so cannot blog much
will upload pictures when the computer is ok again
went to Zouk and its a disappointment
went to MOS which is still my favourate
went to bumblebeez and hav a few drinks
went to watch ghost movie at Vampy's house
i would like to watch "i always know what u did last sumer" if i go to her house again
party all night! who wanna join?

kelly*:: guess i am ok now. will blog about my nails when i can upload the pics =D
relfy:: yups. got it thanks
FrankyRaven:: u can ask me out =) if u want to
soonYan*:: thanks i guess i am alright now
cuiPing*:: thanks!
jo*:: thanks! i always wanted to tag u but i donno what to type and feel kinda extra =p
ChenEr* mama:: yes mama!


Monday, January 08, 2007

I've met my worst week of my life

i lost my phone
i bake a cake at kelly*s house for the Queen's b'day
i cried

will post photos up soon
even my blog is getting lonely

nahyieve:: =)
laoGong:: call me soon!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


anyway, back with lotsa photoz

my sis and i occupy the biggest room with a toilet =))
so fun!

beautiful big big country

the wedding!!

their wedding is different from Singapore i guess
they invite singers to go up and sing
she sound like tt kinda "Ge Tai" singer

the beautiful bride!!!

back in Singapore and i saw 3 rainbows!
at 1st was 1 very near to my honey's house
den spotted 2 rainbows together one end of to expressway to aonther side
the picture can't see the 2nd rainbow as it was fading

count down!!!

we took picture with Chen Fong Ling
issit her name huh
didn't really know who is she. but oh wells
guess yingRui* like her a lot
so we chase till toilet just to take a picture

sis brought a new camera
camera testing

nahyieve:: haha.. =D
FrankyRaven:: i donno who is the one who asked for the picture. Thanks =)