Sunday, January 14, 2007

computer spoilt!

hi there
computer is DOWN!
so cannot blog much
will upload pictures when the computer is ok again
went to Zouk and its a disappointment
went to MOS which is still my favourate
went to bumblebeez and hav a few drinks
went to watch ghost movie at Vampy's house
i would like to watch "i always know what u did last sumer" if i go to her house again
party all night! who wanna join?

kelly*:: guess i am ok now. will blog about my nails when i can upload the pics =D
relfy:: yups. got it thanks
FrankyRaven:: u can ask me out =) if u want to
soonYan*:: thanks i guess i am alright now
cuiPing*:: thanks!
jo*:: thanks! i always wanted to tag u but i donno what to type and feel kinda extra =p
ChenEr* mama:: yes mama!



frankyraven said...

so happy i can i ask u out hehe.. so u still feeling down??? when u get ur o level results??? really hope to see u =)

J.P said...


Yay updated!

Aiyo, why feel extra... anyone can tag one lah. Plus at least i'll feel better reading ppl's tags lor. Know that ppl're actually reading. If not i like talking to the wall like that. Wahahaha...

Take care alright!

Glad that you're having fun!

Stay cheerful, pretty! :D

kelly said...

this sat.DXO. wanna join us? u msg me kays. =)