Sunday, January 21, 2007


here to share some jokes
i feel some of them are dirty =x

# 1 Husband climbs on the bed naked.
Wife: I have headache.
Husband: Good! I have powdered my dick with aspirin. U want to take it orally or as injection.

# 2 Three fastest means of communication:
1 Telephone
2 Television
3 Tell-a-woman

# 3
One day, DUREX complained to KOTEX: "KNN! every time u work, I gotta 7
days off!"
KOTEX retorted: "KNS! whenever u make mistake during work, I gotta
take 9 months leave".

# 4
Man tell MP: My son a drug addict, my daughter a prostitute, my wife a
MP: Isn't there anything positive in your family?
Man: Yes, I am HIV positive.

# 5
What is common between a wife and a private swimming pool??
Answer: The cost of maintenance is too high compared to the time you
spend inside them!!!

# 6
Naked girl board taxi. Driver stared. Girl scold, never see naked girl
ah? Driver reply, see before but wondering where you keep your money
to pay taxi fare.

find this few funny =D

getting my pay tml
tt boss only wanna give me 1-day-pay
which is obviously not enuff!!!
few dollars also wanna calulate until liddat when he himself earn so much!!

i've added a new taggy thingy on the side of my blog. see if i am online. chat with me!!!

soonyan*:: thanks!! =DD
kelly*:: what were u thinking about?? i went to DXO but when i reach i don wanna go in already. Q too long.. i got lotsa things to tell u too! meet up soon ok? thanks for reading =)))
jiahao:: LOL. i am fat la. not very but ABIT ONLY ok?!?! hahaha.. thanks.. ohh ya. u know a girl call huiQi*?
Joan*:: =D
wenXin*::yup! see ya soon!
()()():: now i am using Maybelline's dream matte mousse. =)
frankyraven:: won't find u talkative. still hope u all will tag more. when is ur b'day?
meiLing*:: fine. u?? =)) long time no chat too! <<>>
Crystal*:: thanks =D

try talking to me on tt board ok!!! =DD


Meiling said...

You spell wrong my name . hahas :) i'm fine too . yeahs ! super long din't chat already . find time to chat uh :) hahaha . takecare !

frankyraven said...

lol my bday feb sia.. after chinese new year =P

u really wanna study nursing ??? somemore is @ np so far away from ur house