Wednesday, January 17, 2007

why must i?

somehow i am jealous of something which i shouldn't even bother
arghhh. just irritated by the memories in my brain
why should i even be jealous
i also don know why. someone lead me to an answer?

blogs are getting bored
blogger don blog as much nowadays
and also, no one is coming to read blogs
like what joan* said "talking to the wall"

oh wells
few pictures to show off

leaving to Zouk soon
anyone wanna join?

kelly*:: okok!
Joan*:: thanks!!
frankyraven :: not sure when i am getting result =)


Anonymous said...

heyhey, i miss you too! =D And i like those baby photos of you and ur boy. VERY CUTE (: esp you!

kelly said...

Jealous.... o.O not what i'm thinking about? lols.must go DXO this sat ok! got ALOT of things to update you.lols. and,who says no one reads blog nowadays? i'm still STALKING you. lols.

jiahao said...

From the picture you like growing a bit fat... haha... am i too direct.. =D

jiahao said...

add on.. but still beautiful lah.. haha =D

J.P said...


xinxin said...

=) im here to tagged u! yeah! long time never see you already, actually nvr see dao alot of people. lalala~! see ya soon k!!!

Anonymous said...

heys may i know wad foundation u r using ?

frankyraven said...

jojo dun worry i will be he one reading your blogs as long u dun find me talkative hehe.. anyway my bday coming.. hehe ( oops )

Meiling said...

Nice blog :) so long din't see you already ! how are you pretty ?

Crystal said...

im still viewing your blog but lazy to tag ..
takkaire haha..