Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snoopy is cute 2

Meow meow massage, super cute! ^w^

The lazy pig is back to blogging.
2 days of MOS for Jovi*s belated bday celebration.
Yesterday night was fun =)
Finally Jevonne* came and join me and lalala...
Like running here and there yesterday
Saw so many people =D
I wanna say again.
and don't you worry, my blog is not that "high profile" to tell the whole world that you are cute.
And I'll rmb on the 4th if I can go in, I will go and support you!

Anyways, I wanna quit my job la. Stupid office old women owe me $ =x
What a company. Say its big company but still, everything fucked up.
Stupid stupid stupid. Make me wanna bitch so much!

Will blog very soon after I`ve got the pictures =)

Jevonne*:: Yes! you MUST =x I love you too =D
Gabriel*:: hmm.. HELLO =)
Darren*:: You don't know who is Snoopy huh? Snoopy = Xiao Hong Mao = DARREN LIM*! right?
Ah Hao*:: Thanks =) You are here so I'll try not to be lazy and blog more =D So that I will reply to tags more too!
Jeanie*:: up to you =) anything can call me.

Anyway, today everyone is so pig. wake up like around the same time as me =D Funny ah!

Friday, June 27, 2008


JOJO is back =D
Think no one is here anymore.

Anyway, don't wanna post over due pics, too many already!
Sorry, very lazy-

MOS on ladies night with girls
They were all so high.
Thanks to Snoopy* and Kai* for entertaining me. =D
Sorry to Kai* coz I know I've too up like 2 days of your sleep?
But thanks for taking care of me the other day when I've got gastric flu.
I love to watch both Snoopy* and Kai* dance. So nice la!!!
Too bad Snoopy won't come to my blog. Coz I wanna say Snoopy is cute!

Pictures are with the girls.
Upload some random pics =D

The pro trying to vandalise. =D my name

When JOJO*s at work! I'll call Jensen* but recently nv call already =(

Will update again =)
Denise*:: Don't know how long never see you can?! Holidays right? Call us!!
YiFan*:: =D
AhHao*:: not sure eh.. hmm..
AhBee*:: ~~~
D:: now I know who are you. meow backkkk. meow meow meow
Osaris*:: really you saw me? Why didn't say hi?
LiKuan*:: I very free one. call me la!!
Relfy*:: Like finally!

Is my blog song lagging?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post just for DMWL*

You must be safe!
Thanks for the dinner.
I am waiting. I guess she is also waiting.

I will wanna see a perfect DMWL* next time I see you!!
I will pray for you.
Everyone is waiting to see what you'll do on that day.
So, must be very safe!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

JOJO is enjoying =)

Dbl O. See people get drunk like WTF
My nanny and bro is so drunk.zzz

Cannot smile like this now.

Forgot which day, finally step into Eski. With BB boss`s and Chris*

Compare both steak.. the 2nd picture looks nicer right? But well, even dogs won't wanna eat it. =( Its.. disgusting but I ate more then half. So hungry..
Like everyday eat steak, they say I hate cows. Yesterday steak again at Han`s, so much better.

Hyatt hotel, the one next to far east.

20th floor =D Looks like the movie I just watch, =x the happening. LOL

Sweet right.. preparing

On the 2nd floor. Love the place so much but I might lost my way there.

Hello busy busy

Pictures of DMWL* and my dinner a few days back.

After so much food, I almost finish my large popcorn in the movie.
I am gettng so so so fat.

Yesterday went MOS but like inside for a while only? many weird things happen.
I ended up at home club. LOL. I think I've got serious mood swing yesterday and nearly go mad.

Laziness is killing me!!

AhHao*:: I think I went =D were you there? I reached when like almost everyone were drunk.
LiKuan*:: True, not crazy can't befriend you also =x
Denise*:: so sorry, lets meet up soon ok!
D:: =P back
YiFan*:: =D thanks for yesterday! Love!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Woot~ I am back!
So much fun yesterday!!
Now no work so can slack =D
Went to 2 new places. Dbl O and Eski few days back =D

Yesterday I went to Hougang with DMWL* to get something and went to clark quay.
Went to get my new love from ahbao* and after that shop at central.

Shopping for a cake for DMWL*s friend.
While we were walking at somewhere near this shop call morethanwords I think?
When I look back I don't see DMWL* behind me anymore. (omg, laughing to my computer)
When I saw him, he looks like he was in pain and he use that kinda innocent face and tell me,"That girl just poked me! And it hurts!"
And I started laughing non-stop already.
After walking for so long, we finally settle down to the cake at TCC
I thought mini toons or something has paper plates and guess what?
We went back to the shop where the girl poked him and he really went back to ask her why did she poke him. LOL!!Can't stop laughting, his expression is so... LOL. ok, innocent..

All of the birthday boy's friends called him at the last minute saying that they are all not going, some with GFs, some need to accompany other people.. So damn sad when I can imagine when DMWL* sort of like saying, he need to accompany this girl and ask him to understand. LOL.

The boys were so sweet you know?!?!?!
The birthday boy, pissed, sitting there drinking with 2 of his friends, still thinking that why is his friends like that.. The whole group of boys just sang happy birthday to him so loudly and I think everyone was like looking. Can see the birthday boy so so so happy =)

After that, I went to look for Jevonne*
Poor DMWL*. =x
Anyway, met Chris* at BB then to town for lan with DMWL* and his friend. (who seriously looks like the police host for crime watch)
Chris* went off early.
Guess what? the boys taught me how to play audition. xD
And we started out gunbound like after 5 years????
And I went to look at my old password, so many memories! Was childish last time but was so much happier!
Well well, seriously enjoy so much!!!
DMWL* if you happens to read this post, don't be so stress anymore, we'll GB again soon!

Rushing to do something. Will upload pics when my laziness are gone!
Smile smile smiley. new love =D

Rushing for time, so will reply tags and upload pic on the other post!!!SORRY

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Like finally.

Night life is so much fun =D
Night job is so cool.
Yesterday I went down to boat quay to look for Jevonne* and shun bian return Candy*s hoody.
Finally got my 1st waterfall @ blue blazze =)
Got bullied with don't know what shots.
Drink a lil.
And finally meet YIFANYIFAN* to drink.
Saw so many people there.
Talk for a while..
Went back homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So to you I am just making use of you?
So I find no point asking you out anymore.
This really makes me thinks that, are we really friends?
Why must you think so much and see others that they are all make`ing use of you?
Make your life so upset for what?
Well, won't talk much.
Up to you to think also.

Until you realise your friends are leavng you one by one....

LiKuan*:: I always look like one. =P
Denise*::HUH? so long? LOL. wth, I don't even know
Jevonne*:: =D

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Off day, out of the house!


Went to PS to look for MR.POLICEMEN DMWL* (LOL sorry I just like your name so much)
Then to Vivo to look for pussy.. Saw Yifan* they all, drinking outside Vivo.
Then to Kovan, HongKong cafe and look for CB

Back with some over due pictures =)
When a bastard is tired and a pussy is mad,
we both do such things..

Guess what this pussy doing??

Messing up my hair seems so fun to this pussy.

We both ended up looking like retards

This pussy just got rape. And I am not the one..

Sadako and Juon. How to spell eh?
Anyway, get what I mean can already

mi mi yan

I am always trying so hard.

Pussy thinks that he won, coz I can't do this stupid eye thing.

Ya.. dragonballZ

Know what? Pussy is so into his Fiona Xie*

Both are so tired, pussy is such a pussy to laugh at my baby photo.
And.. don't force me to tell people about your baby photo ok?
So stop laughing, pussy!

3 days, me and pussy got 2 times of the HongKong cafe.

This was ok only, didn't wanna take the picture of the plate so it ends up so blur.

Our so called yum yum. But it wasn't yummy at all.

And its my 1st time today seeing someone eat bun with fork and spoon

Still got who? Of coz is this pussy la.

Alright, gtg sleep soon, tomorrow work again =D
Stress for TM there. =((((

Jermaine*:: LOL. sorry, I know your name, I read your blog too =)
Denise*:: Sorry, really didn't know..Wait`ed very long?? But school can be fun too!
Edison*:: .... Don't bother still make noise..... What kind of bestie are you..

I am strong, LOL.
So don't remind me about it, by not talking about it anymore.
I am moving forward at a fast speed.
Don't worry =) Thanks anyway

Monday, June 02, 2008

Moody makes you sick!

A lil but sweet dedication from random queen LiKuan*
Anyway, tell you, don't think too much at home, emo emo makes you sick =(
Thanks friends =D For all this lil-things

Steph*:: thanks its ok =)
SoonYan*:: with you all around, makes me feel love =)
Jackson*:: sorry I never reapply give out my msn now
Jevonne*:: ya, working life = no life!
Jeanie*:: same as Jensen*, Laneige =)
LiKuan*:: I am not
. Thats why must look at them.
AhHao*:: icic, I think I know who, but I've nv see him/her b4
:p :: 159? 162? I don't know.. went to 2 places to measure and got 2 diff results. Why? I look short to you?

Something wrong with my blog. zzz

Sorry, really not in the right mind to blog.
Click to enlarge =)) to see her love to me =DDD

Money money money!

Look at the time now!!! I just got home.
Sorry pussy, I am too lazy to upload photos.
Maybe will upload tomorrow.

After work, met Pussy and ccb.
With Kelly*s sis and friends, felt so old, luckily pussy was with me.
I wasn't the oldest.

Ok, this post is getting lame,..
Morning illness.. don't mind me..
This post is not worth any of your time to read.

coz I am going to say.. ccb has a boring life
Pussy also..

Oh ya, talk about my work, its fun =D
I stress myself too much.
Today, my first day sales wasn't that bad....
Ok la.. better then I expected. Right pussy?
Chatting on the phone, sitting, at first I am still very stress.
But over all was good =) Not as bad as I thought.
I work at parkway anyway =DDD so come and buy my product and increase my sales =DDDD

I feel like shit now. LOL
Maybe I am too tired..
8 hours work plus until now, step out of the house at 12..


Working in this line makes me happy.
Coz every working days I am facing so many pretty girls ♡.
Jojo* is super happy =D

Just show one of our ugly pictures, that I will be posting up.
Sorry, its Fugly seriously.

Told cha!!!

Lazy to reply tagz, I am too tired...
Good luck to pussy, MORNING SHIFT
all the best =D thanks for the chat anyway
Thanks for going down to Kovan too, coz you know,... I was !@#$%^&*(

See? morning illness...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Love love SoonYan*

=D big LOVE to SoonYan*

Love this girl that sit next to me when I was in sec 5.
Shes one of the best gift I've received after that bad news, dropping to NA.
Classmates like her really pull me tru my NA life.
We used to draw our table, write diary together =DD
I miss it so damn much when I talk about it.

She saw my nick and she asked me to cheer up.
Simple word but touch my heart. so sweet!

We are going to meet up, coz I can't wait!!

Thanks for being there when I am really down.