Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snoopy is cute 2

Meow meow massage, super cute! ^w^

The lazy pig is back to blogging.
2 days of MOS for Jovi*s belated bday celebration.
Yesterday night was fun =)
Finally Jevonne* came and join me and lalala...
Like running here and there yesterday
Saw so many people =D
I wanna say again.
and don't you worry, my blog is not that "high profile" to tell the whole world that you are cute.
And I'll rmb on the 4th if I can go in, I will go and support you!

Anyways, I wanna quit my job la. Stupid office old women owe me $ =x
What a company. Say its big company but still, everything fucked up.
Stupid stupid stupid. Make me wanna bitch so much!

Will blog very soon after I`ve got the pictures =)

Jevonne*:: Yes! you MUST =x I love you too =D
Gabriel*:: hmm.. HELLO =)
Darren*:: You don't know who is Snoopy huh? Snoopy = Xiao Hong Mao = DARREN LIM*! right?
Ah Hao*:: Thanks =) You are here so I'll try not to be lazy and blog more =D So that I will reply to tags more too!
Jeanie*:: up to you =) anything can call me.

Anyway, today everyone is so pig. wake up like around the same time as me =D Funny ah!

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