Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Its 060708

Really long post =)

On wednessday or something..
I wanna say sorry to Snoopy, nanny for me pinching you.
Sorry to Jevonne* Kai* Ronnie* Jevonne* of coz Snoopy and nanny for puke`ing all over you and in the car.
Lotsa sorry and thanks to everyone for the stupid trouble I've made.
And also, Don't sms me already, I can't reply.
Coz Bill really burst like crazy and the Queen is going crazy coz of me.
Anything call me ok? I might not reply to all smses.


I was all along thinking it won't be any big day for me but was hope`ing to see some big happenings.
So DMWL* asked me to help him to chase this girl or something.
Well well.. we meet up for plans, for presents and stuff.
on 060708, also DMWL*s somebody's wedding dinner..
I was force to wear that long dress to the place.
Before that, I was with Vin* for long chat and we went like shopping for things I need for the wedding.
Then my phone kena PUK la!!!
I called the stupid starhub and they say they'll get back to me ASAP.
Like real....
So I can't contact everyone and made everyone worry sorry!!
Finally my brains work and I went online. Luckily DMWL* was online.
We're like late for 2 hours.
I am so so so so so sorry.. made everyone so pissed.......

Thought I've spoil the plan coz he told me the girl is there already.
The plan I know was DMWL* is going to bring the girl to walk around town,
His friends will start passing notes to her on the street one by one.
And I was told that the last station is where I'll pass her the last note.
But I was late so he told me, everyone went back already and plan is.. GONE.

When we reach the location, I saw the girl DMWL*s friends told me, thats the girl he was after.
He pass her notes and ya.. she suddenly walk to me and ask me to help her see whats written.
And so, I was so blank.....
I never thought it would be me and all along was someone else he told me.

Didn't give him a reply, was kinda.. shocked.. really..
Went for the dinner at swisshotel, after that, had a chat with him, his friends.

I hope I didn't make a wrong step.
Sorry to let you know the truth.
You should know how am I feeling now.
You say you will go tru with me and I trust you.
Bring me out of all this. =) My boyfriend


Took out my smiley piercing, it got rejected.
The things smiley reminds me, I should reject too. But, I won't forget.
It was my past love story.

Chat with Dennis.k* just now.
People always see me at clubs, telling people that I am some ah lian or sth.
Coz I am with piercings and I club a lot with different guys each time I go.
I am a lil upset when I know about this,
But after all the thinking, I still enjoy what I am doing, at least I don't go around having sex or what.
Dennis.k* told me I shouldn't think so much and just be myself.
Its true but, people just judge me as a dumb ahlian, flirt or sth.
I am so happy when I hear friends telling me, they know me. =)
I know who is telling me this from the bottom of the heart and who is not really my friend.
But I really hope, people, don't judge me when you don't even know me.
Coz its depress to someone love me knowing some bad but fake news about me.
And also this don't only happens to me once but a few times..
I don't hate anyone from judging I am like what kinda idiot but just hope that people judge someone only by knowing that person. I know I look like some stupid bitch, but ya. I am not..
Sometimes why am I explaining so much, maybe is b'coz I never explain to people who care about me.. Don't worry about me. So sorry, I don't want to explain anymore =)


Maybe I look for Vanessa* today and feel like telling her so many things.
So I am a lil emo now?
Thanks for talking to me on msn.
I felt much better =)
Love ya Vanessa* and I am going to mess up your room soon.
Hope you read this =)


Jevonne* is just so scary with her six sense!
You know.. you know... =D


If anyone read Mr. Daryll Mackenzie*s blog on what happened on 060708,
he just wanna cut it short and
its just an example of what exactly happened.
So ya, not completly true


Darren*:: Snoopy is cute no matter what. =D I'll post about you one day. Xiao hong mao, you are missed =)
D :: My boyfriend is a big bully. and he is going to get it from me soon =) so be careful
Melissa*:: alright!
LiKuan*:: ya.. how?
Denise*:: very soon, I'll call u personally =)
Gabriel*:: ok, so this is your real name?
AhHao*:: is it? I am not active on WG sorry. Why never say hi?

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