Thursday, July 10, 2008

So super random

Hope Snoobish is ok.
Anyway I've changed my name to Jobish, not Jobash.

Feeling so random now. I wanna do so many thing!
I really wanna see tiny pets.
I wanna eat durian.
I wanna eat chou dou fu.
I wanna play so many PSP games.
so many so many things I wanna do all of a sudden!

Yesterday went to BB to look for Jerbong*
Went up for a few drinks with ahmeng* [[He is making me so guilty]]
Then to dbl o to look for YingRui* coz she say she is so bored down there and keep rushing me.
Went there and she brought me up and and,...
She left to the dance floor and well, I am there alone with her guy friends.
Drink and drink.. zzz
Waited so long, I finally msg her and ask her if she is still going MOS as planned,
she said its late already and OMG can?!?!?!
Ok, wasn't angry but disappointed...

MOS was ok.. Snoobish was drunk and so fierce.
Saw his crew dance. So cool can??
But all of them were typsy.

I shouted at Kai* outside MOS.. Was really pissed, sorry.
I feel that I am such an asshole, I take things for granted.
I show my attitude problems to my close close friends when they do things i don't like.
Sorry kai kai*

Snoobish, hope nothing is wrong with you.

DMWL*:: You are stupid. VERY stupid. I know I am stupid, or else I won't choose you. =P miss
Jevonne*:: =D How you know. which last msg?
Gabriel*:: Alright =)
Girlie:: No..? hahahahaha.
Jeannie*:: You knew it?
AhHao*:: must say hi, coz I don't think I see you b4. Thanks for this wishes!
Guardian_Angel:: Thanks =)
Yifan*:: where? I don't know you'll come to my blog often ma.
LaoGong*:: no lor. all along is you don't want me and run away with Zul* hahaha.
Miki*:: done
Melody*:: thanks! meet up soon

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