Friday, July 11, 2008

My lovely boyfriend, Daryll Mackenzie

Went to boyfriend's house after BB.

We are both hungry pigs and my boyfriend is too stupid to cook.
And he don't even know where is everything. So I am looking for it

So happy coz like finally I found spag!

No meat or what, we can only find sausages.

Preparing.. ..

Waiting for the water to boil

My stupid boyfriend is so thoughtful.
He know I'll wanna blog about it so he keeps on taking ugly pictures of me.

This is the only thing he knows how to do.
Drop the spag into the water =D
His only contribution to the meal, besides eating.

Yeah.. the source is burnt! All thanks to my stupid boyfriend who don't even know where are the sugar, salt and stuff..

Done... ... ... ... ...

Hehh.. My cute but stupid boyfriend =D
It taste really bad, seriously..

Was at home this whole day resting, .. Working tomorrow!!
So ya, sorry boyfriend, making you come down to my house.

He don't take bus and he lost his way. =(
Without cash and ez-link. Poor boyfriend..
Silly still go and get durian and frog porridge for me.
I was only posting that I wanna eat durian randomly..
And he can read my mind, I never say I wanna eat porridge, but he know!
And I wanted to eat frog porridge like for how long and he just pop out with that.
My boyfriend is so so so.. omg can? Thanks boyfriend, I love you.

Boyfriend really thinks that I am a pig ( ok I am 1 )
He brought like 5 boxes of durian?!?
He knew that I've got maggie already but still.. aya, sweet

Busy eating. =D

Guess what? I finished 1 pack of durian and the whole porridge!
Indeed he've got a pig as his girlfriend.

Thanks love, the queen and my sis are all so happily eating the things they wanna eat.
The queen wants durian and my sis wants porridge.
I am so selfish, only share with my sis a lil of the porridge =P

Kelly*:: ok!
YiFan*:: ok, I'll meet you soon and i'll blog about you ok? Love you!
LaoGong :: ok, I can't wait. But my boyfriend is very very shy. You might scare him =P

BOYFRIEND, thank you so much. And hope you don't mind, I don't know how to show my feelings. Just now I hope I could just jump on you and kiss you non-stop.
Just simple thing I wanna tell you, iLOVEyou,Daryll Mackenzie*

Listening to your singing now, it just melt my heart.

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