Monday, April 23, 2012

GirlFriends Outing - Blue Garden Korean BBQ @ Tiong Bahru

Blue Garden Korean BBQ @ Tiong Bahru

I can't wait!!!!

They serve cooked food as well.. So we don't have to be hungry.. Once step in, we can NOMz!

Yeah.. I'm a meat eaterrrrrrrrrr...

YingRui taking the cooked food

Stella and her meat!!

Elisa and her veg! HAHA
I don't understand why they have that..
How do you BBQ a corn??

Me and the nomznomz!

As you can see, at least you can cook the potato. Do they eat all of them raw?

Ok!! Time to just eat and enough of the photos!! :D
(Will post on Facebook and tag all of you soon!! )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

30Mar`2012 - Vincent'sBirthdayCelebration @ Azzura Sentosa

May all your wishes come true!
Hope you like our present!!!

Like a boss..

Jojo & Eileen Yumiko

When it's still original...

Hong & Vincent
The 2 crazy man from 9tro :P

Fiona lighting up the candles!

Vincent and his face! HAHAHA!

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to youuuuu...

Happy birthday to vincent...

Taking a close up video of the birthday boy

And there goes the additional ingredient.. OMG

She is so helpful and nice! :D

Let the crazy people begin their crazinessssss!!!
Throw everyone into the pool NOW!

Birthday throw!

Next up! Reg!!!

Kelvin looks so happy!!

The happy crazy birthday boy!

They're trying to flip Hong into the water. LOL!
Process too fast and my camera not ready.

Lawrence joining in the fun!

Hong : Now, its the girls turn! Who's up for this? One of you will do..

Super on!

Pull uhhh!!!

Jump in himself! :D Super cool pic!



His evil plan..
Spot for the next victim!



Run away first!

Victim spotted. Cannot run away!

Vincent : Don't try to run away!

Still struggling!

The next second.. I didn't know what happened..

And they look like they're in pain. LOL!

Waaaahhhhhh.... No one can run awayyyyyy

Lawrence's turn!!!

Pretend that he is sleeping! HAHA

Ended up on the floor

Also cannot run away! HAHAHA


All the Man In Black!

Omg! Eileen's turn!!

It started to rain!!
She didn't go into the pool but was in the rain!

Still pretty!

I'm drenched... I walked one round in the rain and we are freezing!!

Waterfall time!

We were both thrown into the pool

My face says it all


I'm still freezingggggg


All the half naked man.. Thank you for letting us have your tees!!

I forgot the name of the hotel..

Alright! Thats all for now!! :D
I will post it all the photos on Facebook and tag all of you soon!

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