Monday, September 24, 2007

A normal clubbing night with special friends

A normal night with SPECIAL friends. :) Loves

went down to the event at SMU. Wasn't that interesting. After that went to Cine and walk around town and look for vanvan*. Leave to VD after that.

After that, morning illness started. The boys went $%#&^!!
Started to do stupid things. Camera women, JOJO* :)

Tired and just nice, sat there....

Hurt my finger and my Capricorn romance got me a VERY BIG plaster.

I want more pretty pictures with pretty people!!!!! :D

jellyjO::where were you? i don't see any girls around!!
Mabel*:: thanks!! i wanna see you soon!! lets meet up =P

Friday, September 21, 2007

a random post :)

After celebrating my sis's bday...

the pink horse is strong1 it didn't break =x

18.o9 - work at Sentosa
didn't really get pictures. b'coz it was too hot and my phone nearly die of heatstroke!

and i got tann. Pain =(

red lobster!!

after that went to have swensens` =D

hello to taurus-romance & capricorn-romance

capricorn and taurus.

visit his blog @
look at him! LOL.

each of us had our ice-cream!!

yummy yummy taurus-romance

see??? sweetttttt!!!!

jellyjo::Thanks! yup i worked there. HOW YOU KNOW???
crystal*::thanks! :)
Steph*::thanks. i miss the times too!!
jamie*::thanks! see ya soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Feeling upset, for nothing?

Don't know why, feeling kinda upset now. Something is bothering me. Bugging me till i can't sleep. I found, I read, I feel. Sometimes i feel, not knowing something so clearly is even better than you know everything. Ohh wells, mood swing i guess?

LOVE, why are you not here ):

will reply to tag on the next post. no more butterfly kisses for me?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sleeping eating. like doing nothing

still sick. sleepy and hungry all the time :(
slacking with steph* louis* and of coz with my Handsome. Teehee

was sick that day and my handsome is so sweet to X-change shoes with me =) makes me love him so much from the things he do.

well.. he is cute right? =x show off...
anyway, work in a funfair few days ago at Chevron.Thats the 1st time so many people call me auntie. HAHA

my stall (:

HuiLee* at her stall.

just slack and found the animals on the floor. so i hung them there.

this game is too difficult to play. the balls just won't get in.

when the lil-kids are playing,

the big ones are playing too!

someone said because of them jumping inside, all the kids flew out.
Make me laugh like mad.

was Q`ing for balloon. wait and wait and still.. wait

finally he is doing for me!!!! :D

HuiLee* and mine

the group photo

see my name? JOJO on fire!

Anonymous::you are?
Jamie*::of coz! HAHA. seeing you again this sat right?