Friday, September 21, 2007

a random post :)

After celebrating my sis's bday...

the pink horse is strong1 it didn't break =x

18.o9 - work at Sentosa
didn't really get pictures. b'coz it was too hot and my phone nearly die of heatstroke!

and i got tann. Pain =(

red lobster!!

after that went to have swensens` =D

hello to taurus-romance & capricorn-romance

capricorn and taurus.

visit his blog @
look at him! LOL.

each of us had our ice-cream!!

yummy yummy taurus-romance

see??? sweetttttt!!!!

jellyjo::Thanks! yup i worked there. HOW YOU KNOW???
crystal*::thanks! :)
Steph*::thanks. i miss the times too!!
jamie*::thanks! see ya soon!


jellyj0 said...

haha, I SAW YOU! lol..was watching you all the while! HAHAHAHAHA~ i wasn't sure whether it was you, so wanted to ask :D

Anonymous said...

Nice pretty picture.
Study hard wor!!!

I WANNA meet u!!!