Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sleeping eating. like doing nothing

still sick. sleepy and hungry all the time :(
slacking with steph* louis* and of coz with my Handsome. Teehee

was sick that day and my handsome is so sweet to X-change shoes with me =) makes me love him so much from the things he do.

well.. he is cute right? =x show off...
anyway, work in a funfair few days ago at Chevron.Thats the 1st time so many people call me auntie. HAHA

my stall (:

HuiLee* at her stall.

just slack and found the animals on the floor. so i hung them there.

this game is too difficult to play. the balls just won't get in.

when the lil-kids are playing,

the big ones are playing too!

someone said because of them jumping inside, all the kids flew out.
Make me laugh like mad.

was Q`ing for balloon. wait and wait and still.. wait

finally he is doing for me!!!! :D

HuiLee* and mine

the group photo

see my name? JOJO on fire!

Anonymous::you are?
Jamie*::of coz! HAHA. seeing you again this sat right?

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JaMie<*3 said...

not this sat la.. is 22nd sep.. aiyo.. u STM leh... haha.. no wonder ppl call u auntie la.. u got e look of a teenage but u got a brain thats functioning like a auntie!!!! OH NO!!!! haha..XD