Monday, August 27, 2007

Velvet Dragon

Sick but still, went to club 2 nights in a roll with my fever. Just took my med and i am going to K.O soon.I've got some pictures to show but I wanted somemore pictures. but i don't know why no one send me any, don't bully me with that spoilt camera :( and some pictures are edit`ed. And the pictures are also pictures of me with the new haircut.



Jamie*:: see the pics? very soon we will meet up again :)
Mabel*::sure! i miss you too!!
LoveHunter:: ok. no prob!
LoyLoy:: ok~ anyway, why youput LOYLOY?
Stanley*:: no prob but gotta see if i am free or not:)
Nahyieve:: all the best! JiaYou!!!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear may i know when r u free, so i can ask u out? :)

Wilson said...

Haha! Cute adorable couple pics.. New hairdo? Nice! Hehe! =)

JaMie<*3 said...

hey gal.. thou e time was short ytd but still had fun with you!!!
know why?
Cos it's Lai On Yi i'm with... haha..
anyway... go out again soon!!!!