Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will be back really soon!

I fall in love again. (:
I love J.S!!

Will blog again when I am free.
Jojo* is tan!! Blacky now.

cap-romance:: (: Well, you are attached!
Willynn*:: Thankyou so so so much!
Kai*:: Don't call me malay girl. LOL
Joanna*:: I am! ):
Kim*:: Sorry. Computer died!

Big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

2 more days to my bday!

What Jojo* wants for her BIG DAY!

-New phone if F480 don't wanna come back
-Something that cost around S$70
-New com
-New me.

Bad mood.

Click to enlarge. (:
Finished the radio appearance with the Muttons.
So fun!
Everyone called and tell me I sound so man on the radio!
Tomorrow will be Lee jeans event at Jurong point 2.

Kim*:: Can see its all fats! ):
Jevonne*:: Yup!
Rinn*:: Really?
Celestina*:: Ok (:
Yvon*:: I go you pay for me? HAHA!
Hao*:: LOL. Pretty Fatty.
Nick*:: Yes I am.

I lost my phone.
Feel so blank now.
Don't know what to do at all.
Not feeling scared, maybe helpless?
Don't know how to tell my queen.
This is so troublesome.
I hate this feeling.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FHM June issue is OUT!

Finally! The sweetest 10 is out!
FHM Girl Next Door top 10!
Quick! Get the June issue FHM!

All the pretty babes!
I think I am really extra to be the only one in bikini. ):

Sorry Shirl*.. You are on the other page.
Even my queen said I don't look like me.

To support this girl on lollipop,
Key in GND4 and send to 73388 in this format:


Example: FHM1 GND4 Jojo Lai S89xxxxxE email.jojolai@gmail.com

I am Jojo Lai, FHM GND4!!!! Please support!!!

Hao*:: No! I am fatty!
Kim*:: Oh ok!
Nick*:: Thanks!
Jevonne*:: Thanks!
Dave*:: Don't know why eh. But now, its perfectly fine and no one is complaining. =P
SoonYan*:: Yup! Thanks!
Vanessa*:: No! I can always plan my time!

Monday, May 11, 2009

JOJO LAI is <3


I look so funny in the postcard picture.
2 more days [[13May`09]] FHM June issue will be OUT!!
Look for Jojo Lai!!
9.30am ESPN shoot at ECP tomorrow.
Wonder what are we suppose to do.

Nowadays can't blog much cos of my computer.
Well, happy that its still working.
Just that I can't over use it.

Anyway, my happyQueen went emo yesterday.
Don't worry my dear!
I will be there for you. Loves.

How sweet (:

Alright, hope to blog again soon!
With lotsa pics!

Death:: Think I'll be too drunk to even know who is there.
LaoGong:: Its cute!
Shirl*:: Then what am I?!
HappyQUEEN:: We will see each other face to face soon!
Apple*:: Thanks! Sorry, I really don't remember. So sorry!
Jevonne*:: We'll meet up again soon! I wanna learn singing from you. HAHA
(: :: Thanks! HAHA
Gladys*:: Thanks!!

I wanna slim down!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Birthday celebration!

5th May, my Chinese birthday! (:

Dinner with Chrishirl* , my family and my sis's classmate, Daven*.
Shop a lil, went to DblO. (:

DblO is so bored can?! So we left to Butterfact.

Many many familiar faces!
After that, to Newton for supper!
Super fun group. Make me laugh like mad.
1st time can't finish my fishball noodle!

Super hard to post on my blog now!
The com I am using now is one of my ex-bf's computer!
Too many things inside and its really laggy.
Hopefully it won't die on me anytime soon.
Allow me to finish blogging. (:

Kim*:: Thanks! =D
HappyQueen:: She got her license for more than a year! Lets really meet up soon girl!
Death:: Idiot! Cannot even imagin!
JiaHui*:: Actually I don't know how to use it!
SoonYan*:: You are better. Being me is like shit!
Nick*:: Haha..
Celestina*:: Got it! Thanks! Mine will be on the 14th. Diff date from you!
Hao*:: You are the 1st to tell me that luh!
vogueindulge:: ok! THANKS!
Jaslyn*:: Thanks! (:

Looking back into this com.
So much memories of me and you.
Going 2 yrs.
I never think of you for so long and now.

Monday, May 04, 2009

No more com for JOJO*

No more lappy for JOJO*
Hopefully I can get one again soon!
Thanks to Seb* for this spare lappy.
Thanks for letting me use it for so long.

So... wait for my next post!

Party after beerfest.

Getting ready for the beerfest FHM event.
Supposed to be there by 6.30pm and ends at 10pm.
At the end, it started at 10pm.

Cover face. HAHA. Super hot! Make-up melting.

Jojo* and her FAT face. HAHA. Super funny picture.
Why am I so happy? Thanks Nick* for the photos.

Thanks to Nick* and Charlene* for the support!!
After that, to dbl O for Kat*s birthday!

Happy birthday!!

After that to Bedok for supper.
I want it super raw but it turn out to be over cooked.

My 1st time eating this! Yummy!

This afternoon when I was still sleeping, someone called my house!
Argh. No one ever call my house if its not urgent. They know I am sure sleeping.
Guess what? My hubby got her new car!
So as promise, I will be the 1st to sit beside her when she drive! =D
Super cute car!
Angry driver but can rally multi-task.
Can scold some slow cars, call and ask for directions, talk to me and at the same time,
Thanks anyway, make me can't sleep after I got back home.
I don't think I will ever drive in my life.
I can't do it.

JiaHui*:: YUP! L4D SOON!!!
Guest:: Thanks. (:
Jokerz*:: Your friend is not the only one. Email me. (Email::email.jojolai@gmail.com)
Death:: Ya, but they can still eat finish eh.
Willynn*:: HELLO (:

Finally the voting is on!!!
You can start voting for me NOW

Key in GND4 and send to 73388 in this format:

Enter (FHM1) (GND4) (NAME) (NRIC) (E-MAIL)

Example: FHM1 GND4 Jojo Lai S89xxxxxE email.jojolai@gmail.com

I am Jojo Lai, FHM GND4!!!! Please support!!!