Thursday, May 07, 2009

Birthday celebration!

5th May, my Chinese birthday! (:

Dinner with Chrishirl* , my family and my sis's classmate, Daven*.
Shop a lil, went to DblO. (:

DblO is so bored can?! So we left to Butterfact.

Many many familiar faces!
After that, to Newton for supper!
Super fun group. Make me laugh like mad.
1st time can't finish my fishball noodle!

Super hard to post on my blog now!
The com I am using now is one of my ex-bf's computer!
Too many things inside and its really laggy.
Hopefully it won't die on me anytime soon.
Allow me to finish blogging. (:

Kim*:: Thanks! =D
HappyQueen:: She got her license for more than a year! Lets really meet up soon girl!
Death:: Idiot! Cannot even imagin!
JiaHui*:: Actually I don't know how to use it!
SoonYan*:: You are better. Being me is like shit!
Nick*:: Haha..
Celestina*:: Got it! Thanks! Mine will be on the 14th. Diff date from you!
Hao*:: You are the 1st to tell me that luh!
vogueindulge:: ok! THANKS!
Jaslyn*:: Thanks! (:

Looking back into this com.
So much memories of me and you.
Going 2 yrs.
I never think of you for so long and now.

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