Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad mood.

Click to enlarge. (:
Finished the radio appearance with the Muttons.
So fun!
Everyone called and tell me I sound so man on the radio!
Tomorrow will be Lee jeans event at Jurong point 2.

Kim*:: Can see its all fats! ):
Jevonne*:: Yup!
Rinn*:: Really?
Celestina*:: Ok (:
Yvon*:: I go you pay for me? HAHA!
Hao*:: LOL. Pretty Fatty.
Nick*:: Yes I am.

I lost my phone.
Feel so blank now.
Don't know what to do at all.
Not feeling scared, maybe helpless?
Don't know how to tell my queen.
This is so troublesome.
I hate this feeling.

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nahyieve said...

eh i was there leh. but i didnt see you. so i left. haha.