Saturday, March 31, 2007

hope things will get better each day

Well, things are finally getting better in life. No one really blame me for the trouble, i've created, tt made me so worried about. And i can't get into the school i want so i am going to re-take my Os again. Just like primary school, taking 6 yrs to complete when i actually need only 4 yrs. When i drop to NA when i was in sec3, of coz i told myself to work hard. They told me that from express to normal, u can score better and 5 yrs is better then 4 yrs coz theres another year of allowance for me to pick up what i need to, in a slower way and can be more relax. And, i didn't score well too. Studying is really not for me. i don't like to memorise things like wad i need to memorise in physics. i can only bring my understanding to the examination hall. not what thats in the book. Like biology, i can understand coz its what we actually feel and see in our daily life. What i can actually do now is to do the TYS everyday, whoever thats taking Os this yr, again or for the 1st time, all the best and lets work hard together!! as for friends who are going to school soon, all the best for the new life!! :)

went to soonYan*s 18 birthday party. it was so FUN! :) left my camera at Mr.Clown's place. will upload pictures of the party ASAP! i hope i can invite lots and lots of people to my 18th birthday party!!! oh wells, don't know if i am having any party or not :/

SoonYan*:: we will go shopping together soon ok? anyway, when u r free, send me the pics ok?? and i also wan a picture of ur that handsome brother =x
Mabel*:: okok! will go out together real soon!
frankyraven:: of coz i still rmb u. i don hav much people viewing my blog and leaving comments. :) my computer was down for a period of time
annabelle*:: :) so shocked u r here. i still hav ur present here..!! come and meet me ASAP!! haha!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


You Were Nice This Year!

You're an uber-perfect person who is on the top of Santa's list.
You probably didn't even *think* any naughty thoughts this year.
Unless you're a Mormon, you've probably been a little too good.
Is that extra candy cane worth being a sweetheart for 365 days straight?
i am good this year. so you will make my wish come true right? i will make sure i can even be a better girl from now on!!!

went to dragonfly
don wanna blog more about tt anymore

me and kelly

Thank you so much Kusa*.

Mr.Clown*:: my house :) cannot sleep,was lyin on the sofa and the sun rise and.. NICE??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


ok. my mood not is really down. try not to ask me what had happened. i don't wanna say. sorry
hope the post won't be a sad one.

when they teach me to play their game. Fun. But don understand why guys can play this forever.

Looks like underground game`in station

when they are playing. i take picture with PIGU* when i was at Jurong point, i keep nagging, saying that i want a penguin. and Mr.Clown when to buy me one! so sweet of him =x

22.o2.o7 babies were born. 6 of them! but one of them didn't survive the 2nd day

they pass by my house and perform nearby

Vanessa*s Miki Chocolate! sleeping on Mr.Clown's leg

so cute right!!!

babies grown up!!

went out with melissa* jamie* =)

with mr.Clown

bathing time!!

one sleeping~~

still sleeping

the smallest babie. Mr.Peanuty!!

how BIG!!

with Mr.Clown again at jurong point

went to this FunFair with Kusa* and vanessa*. its fun but too ex!!!

what do you think?

this picture is mr.Peanuty inside his daddy's bowl. after i snap this pic, the dad nearly swallow him! Mr. Peanuty risk his life. i am so sorry!

Mr.Peanuty, the STAR!

the place where i pierce my tongue =x

ya da ya da. she pierce for me. haha.

will take more pictures and will update my blog regularly!
nahyieve :: thanks =)

Monday, March 19, 2007

can't wait to post up pictures!!

hope i've made the right choice. i've pierce my tongue again =x i got lotsa photos to post up! wait for mr.Kusa* to help me fix it! actually he can fix for me today, but hope i can reach home soon. den i will BOMB my blog with pictures!!!

muscleWOMEN::okok. will link u when my com is ready
jiaHao*:: okok. will link u too
JoJelly:: my com is down =(
Anonymous:: u r??
Anonymous:: same person? thanks =)