Wednesday, March 21, 2007


ok. my mood not is really down. try not to ask me what had happened. i don't wanna say. sorry
hope the post won't be a sad one.

when they teach me to play their game. Fun. But don understand why guys can play this forever.

Looks like underground game`in station

when they are playing. i take picture with PIGU* when i was at Jurong point, i keep nagging, saying that i want a penguin. and Mr.Clown when to buy me one! so sweet of him =x

22.o2.o7 babies were born. 6 of them! but one of them didn't survive the 2nd day

they pass by my house and perform nearby

Vanessa*s Miki Chocolate! sleeping on Mr.Clown's leg

so cute right!!!

babies grown up!!

went out with melissa* jamie* =)

with mr.Clown

bathing time!!

one sleeping~~

still sleeping

the smallest babie. Mr.Peanuty!!

how BIG!!

with Mr.Clown again at jurong point

went to this FunFair with Kusa* and vanessa*. its fun but too ex!!!

what do you think?

this picture is mr.Peanuty inside his daddy's bowl. after i snap this pic, the dad nearly swallow him! Mr. Peanuty risk his life. i am so sorry!

Mr.Peanuty, the STAR!

the place where i pierce my tongue =x

ya da ya da. she pierce for me. haha.

will take more pictures and will update my blog regularly!
nahyieve :: thanks =)


Mr.Clown said...

nice pictures... wonder where u took the last one... =)

xiuyi said...

nice pictures =)