Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy but happy girl!

Rushing!! So a lil.. aya.. don't know how to say.. nvm.

Pretty prettyz!!!

Drive and sms. PRO!

Finally got my POPEYES!

Trying out stupid pose turn out to be lazy.

Laugh only

Told you. visualize! Perfume as the eyes. (:

LiKuan*:: (: love you lar!!!

Will blog a proper one when I am done with my stuff!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too many, too lazy.

Too many photos!
A lil busy recently (:
Wish me luck for today.

Anyway, my blog song, I wanted you by Ina*.
Lately I've been thinking about what I can do
I've been stressing to fall back in love with you
I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through
But I can't go on this way. I've got to stop it babe
You've been wonderful in all that you can be
But it hurts when you say that you understand me
So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I loved
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

I've been pushing hard to open up the door
Trying to take us back to where we were before
But I'm done. I just can't do this anymore
'Cause we can't be mended, so let's stop pretending now
We've been walking around in circles for some time
And I think we should head for the finish line
So believe me. I, I am sorry, I, I am sorry, I, I

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I loved
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

I, I... I'm so sorry baby
But I, I... I gotta pack up and leave
But I, I'll always remember how we came close
... to being how I wanted to be
I wanted you baby
I wanted you

I wanted you to be there when I fall
I wanted you to see me through it all
I wanted you to be the one I loved
I wanted you, I wanted you
I wanted you to hold me in my sleep
I wanted you to show me what I need
I wanted you to know just how down deep
I wanted you, I wanted you

LiKuan*:: Shut up lar! Better stop saying you are dying. I'll slap you.
AhPek:: Of coz, I like this song too! (:
=) :: W to V to D and now S? Who say S is my boyfriend? And I can see you don't know me well. Don't act as if you know me very well.
Relfy*:: HAHA. Ok.. become auntie then cut. LOL! super cute suggestion!
Hao*:: HELLO! Welcome back!
Dolphin:: You know how to style hair?! Teach me!
?-? :: Done!
Yvonne*:: ok!

Gotta RUN again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Thanks for the effort.
I am touched (: Just scare me a lil.
Who knows, I might be the one falling for you in the future.
I'll remember this day (:
Hope we can still be like how we used to be.
btw, where is my flowers?! *kidding

There is a lot of things happening this few days.
Somehow I wanna say something here. Don't misinterpret.
I don't know if its my fault to ask someone out, to hang around with my friends, let him know more friends.
And at the same time, I know his friends too.
But at the end of the day, saying that I made use of him, only call him when I need help.
Well, real disappointment.
Anyway, am I right to do this now? Be really careful and I will not auto ask him out anymore.
But if he needs me, just call me (:
When I offer to pay up, if you reject, don't say I am using your money at the end of the day.
Am I wrong? I must be real careful. Well, maybe thats the way I wanna explain. Coz I am not going to be bothered to entertain anymore of this kinda sms`es. And DON'T assume that i am angry. (:

Crazy shopping online recently.
Just shop at a new blogshop, OliveShop.
Go and take a look. Stocks are cheap and nice!
Plan`ing to buy 3 items from Olive cart 2 already. Heh heh. (:

LiKuan*:: I am just a call away and WTH are you talking about.
Dolphin :: hehh.. unless I learn how to style hair. (: Or else its so boring.
Shanon*:: Noted~ (:
Jeanie*:: never.
Mabel*:: Long time no see!!! (:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

All the best ahpek!

"A day for a special someone.. Being her boyfriend would be wonderful definitely."
I am late!
So wanting to see what he will do.
Hope someone would say being my boyfriend is the most wonderful thing. LOL
Ok lar.. I am not a good gf so no one will say that. HAHA.
Gotta RUN~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I felt love

And again. Don't know how to describe. (:
The big 3
The hidden Taurus, inside.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pictures up!

6.o9.o8 - Main Arena @ MOS

EMO meow~

The stupid with the smart (:

07.09.08 - sister's birthday celebration (:

Replacement for PSP (: Thanks Ah pek!
Rubik`s cube makes me go crazy. (:

Look at her. LOL. Where is she blocking?

The Queen is taking picture of us. See my sister's face? (:


After that met Terence @ Funan
Wanted to watch movie but then.. Don't have..
He need to go to look for something and I met up with Snoopy.

Look at the back =P

The straw... ...

Angry MEOW~

After that we went to Gavin*s pub (:
Saw Gavin* at MOS the previous day and he ask me to go to his pub.
Didn't know I've already know him for 4 years and after so long, its my first time going to his pub.

Drink drink (: look at pretty girls

After that, persuade Ah Pek to come down also (:
Snoopy lar! Ask him come down to drive him back to woodlands after our shopping at Mustafa.
Ah pek drove me to a few places after that.
To Mount Faber and had wonderful night!!!

Facing my house! Gee~

Shopping from Mustafa!

Visualize.. .. HAHA

Ah pek and the MEOW~

I am a mix blood. Wahahaha..
Cat and panda!

8.09.08 - DURIAN!!!!
Yeah!!! Like finally.. Duriannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

More durian please? (:

Anyway, I NEVER CUT MY HAIR (: Just that I tie it up and wear a cap.
Will consider changing my hairstyle. Any suggestion?

Will update very very soon after I've got the pics!! (:

SoonYan*:: Hee!~
Your:: Ugly? So any suggestion on prettier hair?
passerby:: Sorry.. I never cut. Still the same hair.
LiKuan*:: My long hair love you too! HAHA. My long hair is still on my head to love you. LOL
Denise*:: OK! call me again! Thanks!
Mabel*:: Thanks!
Shanon*:: Nope, just tie up (:
XMEI::Shocked to see you here (: Thanks pretty!!
Relfy:: Think I should cut it short?
KOR::!!!!!!!!!! Miss you too!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Something wrong with my com!

Tired and sick!

Tired and sick!
Going to finish everything I need to do and off to bed!
Will blog tomorrow with pictures!
Reply to tag tomorrow too!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

MOS and new hair?

(: Back with some pictures, short post.
MOS with Rof* last night after meeting Vanessa* @ town.

Anyway, presenting MEOW's new short hair!!!

How how? nice? (:

With Mr. Snoobish aka KUKU at MOS (:
Short Snoopy so stupid.

Meow with Rof*

LOL! Remember the picture on my previous post?? Mr. Zee* was at the back was giving this face. So yesterday we took a picture with that face, together (:

So how how is my hair?? (:

Sheena*:: Oh pretty barbie doll tag`ed me (:
LiKuan*:: I love you too!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Busy but FUN!

Busy this few days.
Busy but fun!!
Also met up with some scary things...
Well well well....

01/09/08 - Teacher's day!!!!
Was super late for the celebration =P

They were spraying the mosquito thingy and it caught fire. So they stop. Super big fire at 1st. as you can see the tip of the machine is still on fire.

From top left :: Patawari* Benjamin* CCK* Wei chong* Wei Ming*
Bottom left :: Meow* Ms Athena Han* LiJun* Melissa* Bee er*

Meow with LiJun* Anything give me a call alright?? Everything will be fine (:

After that meet this idiot for movie, 4bia......
Stupid show.. Wonder how this idiot can watch this movie twice AND!!
Don't know why he is still so scared long after the show.
Tell me how nice how nice. Not nice at all!!!

02/09/08 - Samsung training, then to XiaoDe's chalet.
Never take any pictures from the chalet..

The view from Samsung Hub.

03/09/08 - Samsung Innov8 event @ Arena.
Super cool phone!!! But I still prefer Omnia (:
Innov8 only win on the camera, because its the 1st 8 megapixel camera ma!
Look at the diff!

Photos using my own poor 2 megapixel camera phone.

Vanessa* Meow* Sheena*

Meow and Sheena*

Us again!

Okok! photos using Innov8!!!

Corie* and MEOW!

Meow* Vanessa* and Sheila*

Big diff right?
Well, its not in the market yet! Wait wait wait~~

04/09/08 - Bugis shopping and MOS with Snoobish*
Thanks Snoobish* for helping me. (: But stop scaring me.
Thanks to Zee* who send me home yesterday!!

Ok, my phone really CMI!!!! =P But still love my phone from daddyyyyy in HK.

Long ago pic, only send me yesterday. On Kai*s bday (:
Look at the back. HAHAHA. Super cute Zee* the actor face!

Ok, this is my fav breakfast now!!!
Just showing you all. Its not fattening!!! (:
And look at the salad source (:

Thats all!
Will wanna blog more often. Coz everyday is super (: (: (: now (:!!!!!

Denise*:: When when? (:
LiKuan*:: Can ask me out anytime ma. Take good care of yourself ok? Don't think so much. Anything call me (:
Wendy*:: Reply`ed (:
Isabella*:: Pretty, think you spotted me stalking on your blog? :P