Sunday, September 14, 2008


Thanks for the effort.
I am touched (: Just scare me a lil.
Who knows, I might be the one falling for you in the future.
I'll remember this day (:
Hope we can still be like how we used to be.
btw, where is my flowers?! *kidding

There is a lot of things happening this few days.
Somehow I wanna say something here. Don't misinterpret.
I don't know if its my fault to ask someone out, to hang around with my friends, let him know more friends.
And at the same time, I know his friends too.
But at the end of the day, saying that I made use of him, only call him when I need help.
Well, real disappointment.
Anyway, am I right to do this now? Be really careful and I will not auto ask him out anymore.
But if he needs me, just call me (:
When I offer to pay up, if you reject, don't say I am using your money at the end of the day.
Am I wrong? I must be real careful. Well, maybe thats the way I wanna explain. Coz I am not going to be bothered to entertain anymore of this kinda sms`es. And DON'T assume that i am angry. (:

Crazy shopping online recently.
Just shop at a new blogshop, OliveShop.
Go and take a look. Stocks are cheap and nice!
Plan`ing to buy 3 items from Olive cart 2 already. Heh heh. (:

LiKuan*:: I am just a call away and WTH are you talking about.
Dolphin :: hehh.. unless I learn how to style hair. (: Or else its so boring.
Shanon*:: Noted~ (:
Jeanie*:: never.
Mabel*:: Long time no see!!! (:

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