Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Pictures Taken. -New hair cut

This is my S$4 hairstyle.
(: I quite like it.

Cos I wanted it to be thicker,
I went to cut again, layered and I highlight my hair.

So not use to this hair ):
My Queen also say she prefer the old hair.

Thats what we saw @ Butter Factory.

Its nice ok!

Before butter fact tt day. See Mr. Fatty got stuck on the thing?

Serangoon Garden to makan! With Mr. Jc

The was with Mr. ComaKing @ Orchard

This is from the Queen (:
How sweet. Cos she heard of the news and tot I would be really upset.
Cos of this, maybe I need more breakups? more bad news? Kidding.
I know my Queen will buy me anything, anytime I like (:

My Queen brought me something I've never eat before.
I love it can?!? At first I don't dare to eat.
Slowly I want more. HAHAHA

Crystal Jade with Queennnnn

Chrishirl* remember this?
My Queen miss you also larr..
LOL. Crystal Jade with us again ya!

Yesterday after PH. Finally I've got my rou gu cha!

Well, last picture, early greetingz!
Merry X`mas!! Do I look like X`mas tree??

*Sorry for the size and the quality of the pictures.
Will have better blog post after I've got my own lappy (:
Never stop reading peeps!

LiPing*:: But I don't know which lappy is good and poly quite limited brands right? Thanks for the suggestion!
SoonYan*:: I like the song cos of 下一站,幸福. LOL.
WINGS:: Yup. Singapore not very big anyway. Heh!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 songs taurus loves

上分钟 上一秒 你说心不再困扰
下分钟 下一秒 你眼睛通红似发烧

是开始 又不对 对你所知道太少
是知己 亦不对 你太好的人缘 知己哪会缺少

如果你习惯 有备无患 只怕独个晚餐
才想到让我借用时间 借用完没法还
如果破掉灯泡借烛光用一晚 是你是你大贪
大贪毕竟搅错我是哪种人 接吻就能合眼

是专心 又不对 你眼光总爱转弯
是分心 亦不对 变了这种闲人 比不去爱更惨

如果你习惯 有备无患 只怕独个晚餐
才想到让我借用时间 借用完没法还
如果破掉灯泡借烛光用一晚 是你是你大贪

他的镜框留在 某一节车厢
地下铁里的风 比回忆还重

对他唯一(如果还有)遗憾 是分手那天
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗

我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
逃不开 爱越深越互相伤害
越深的依赖 越多的空白
我爱他 轰轰烈烈最疯狂
我的梦 狠狠碎过却不会忘
曾为他 相信明天就是未来
情节有多坏 都不肯醒来

我爱他 跌跌撞撞到绝望
我的心 深深伤过却不会忘
我和他 不再属于这个地方
最初的天堂 最重的荒唐

如果还有遗憾 又怎么样呢
伤了痛了懂了 就能好了吗
我奔腾的眼泪 都停不下来
若那一刻重来 我不哭

Monday, November 09, 2009

What? Whats that? A joke or something?

Back to post but no pictures again.
Cos am using my sister's computer.
Any idea where to get cheap and good lappy?
Needa get one asap!

Tag me ya (:
Vanessa*:: Ok. Thanks darling!!
Wings:: Er.. Different clubs. No specific ones.

Look at my face.
Do you think I care?
No angry or whatsoever.
Just that I can't be bothered.
I am serious.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bye Bye

No pictures for this post.
I'm going to return the laptop to its owner.
So won't be blogging often till I get a new lappy.
So.. Here to let you all know I will MIA for awhile.

Read the hidden taurus.
So much memories.
So much predictions that came true.
So many whys.
It was so sweet.
It was the past.
It won't come back anymore.
I really want it back.

WINGS:: If you club, might see me there. If you see me, CALL ME! hahaha. (:
Shanon*:: My god. LOL. Thanks
JiaHui*:: Yup!
Jevonne*:: Soli soli! Call me also la!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween @ SocialHouse

(Dead)Punk Rocker - Randen* Vincent* Edison*

Rushed down from home. Missed my flight from KL.
Came back to SG at around 11PM+
Wearing the wig. (:

Took Vincent*s mask, with Nana*.

Nana* HarryQ*

Nana* JensenOMK*my Fbf

Jojo* Jerlyn*(Sorry if I got the wrong name) Shanon*

WeiSong* Jojo* Shanon*

Happy uh?
Shawn* with the white hand!

I don't watch Naruto so I don't know who is he.

2 screams.

"You wanna makan?"

Act chio with my wig.

Smoking luhhh...

Anyhow exchange, anyhow wear.


Eh.. sorry! My Fbf just love it!

More? =x

Cool uh?

FIGHT! Ding Ding Ding!

Edison* the scream

Daniel* the scream

Daniel* Shawn*

Passerby (:

Daniel* first time see him so good looking uh.=x

Jojo* with Kerlyn* (:

We saw Super Mario when we were on the way to take a cab.

Guess what are they doing?
They were disturbing the taxi uncle.
If I'm the uncle, I'll throw them out of the cab.
Too irritating.
LiKuan*:: Eh hello. I still as chubby ok! So still cute lar.. =P
Guest:: Back from KL already. Will blog about it soon. Stay tune!! LOL
WINGS*:: Thanks!
Vanessa*:: Both also cannot leh. Sad already. Super sad.
Jevonne*:: You finally appear when you saw my MSN nick! Heh.. I am always here. I nv work. Don't dare to call you cos you're busy with work. I'll comfrim with you again if I'm going club tommore ya. Lovesss
Anyone know where to host pictures? The one I am using to host, my pictures will MIA. ): No more nice nice pictures already. ): HELP!
So many things I am thinking about. Head big already.
Don't know what I thinking also.
Think too much till I don't feel like thinking anymore.
Just fuck it ya? (: