Sunday, February 25, 2007

computer is down

sorry for the MIA for my blog
com is down and i am in my vampy*s house to blog

frankyraven:: haha. sure u can. happy belated Vday to u!!
Anonymous:: u r..? wayne?
jas*:: sorry coz of my com.. will update pics veryvery soon!
mabel*:: sure!!!

anyway, hope people who took my pictures, can please inform me before hand? coz i am finding more and more pictures stolen for their friendster. i don't mind if u use them in a good way, but i hope u all don't use it in a bad way and at least tell me and i know what u r doing with them. know what i mean? thanks.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


somehow he is changed
so different
anyway, just one thing remain the smae. his smell
well. =)

just so many things goin on in my brain
[[and my darling is messing up my hair]]

jiaHao:: LOL. yes Dr.jiahao. anyway, i TALK A LOT and everyone knows it. taahaa

Thursday, February 01, 2007

out of sian`ness zzz

don really know whats happening to me
oh wells, ...

the day b4 yesterday vampy,relfy and i went to ryan*s chalet
at 1st we are goin to wild wild wet but its closed
so we went to the pool and swim. it was fun even its not WWW
after we go back, around 8 relfy went home
at night we play games and got lotsa fun!
until in the morning, left me, ryan*, yong tian*
so we join in everyone's dreamland
went to eat after tt and went home
the taxi driver is again so chatty =x
donno why
and my attitude problem devil came out
i start not to talk, maybe i am sick. but well, donno what happened to me =(
sorry to mr.Nice*, coz i really don feel like talkin so many my reply is rude

i m bored, so...
About guys
Turned ON, OFF or DM (Doesn't matter)

Is taller than you: ON
Is shorter than you: OFF
Wears braces: DM

Dresses Gothic: DM
Has blue eyes: ON
Has green eyes: ON
Has hazel eyes: ON
Brown eyes: ON
Drinks alcohol: DM
Wears glasses: DM
Smokes: DM
Plays sports: ON
Smiles a lot: ON
Calls you just to say Hi: ON
Compliments you: ON
Likes to talk: ON
Shy and quiet: OFF
Good dancer: ON
Wears jewelry: DM
Smiles when you walk in the room: ON
Has brown hair: ON
Has Black hair: ON
Has blonde hair: ON
Has red hair: DM
Makeup: DM
Can make you laugh at any given moment: ON
Loyal: ON
Laid back: OFF
Plays guitar: ON
Plays piano: ON
Plays drums: ON
Sing: ON
Easily jealous: OFF
Doesn't eat meat: OFF
Has a tattoo: DM
Has a lip ring: OFF
Has tongue ring: ON

no.1 admirer [[sorry i donno your name]]:: thanks!
jiaHao*:: oh wells, everyone ask me not to slim down =( i m fat on my chin. any exercise help?