Sunday, February 25, 2007

computer is down

sorry for the MIA for my blog
com is down and i am in my vampy*s house to blog

frankyraven:: haha. sure u can. happy belated Vday to u!!
Anonymous:: u r..? wayne?
jas*:: sorry coz of my com.. will update pics veryvery soon!
mabel*:: sure!!!

anyway, hope people who took my pictures, can please inform me before hand? coz i am finding more and more pictures stolen for their friendster. i don't mind if u use them in a good way, but i hope u all don't use it in a bad way and at least tell me and i know what u r doing with them. know what i mean? thanks.


yVoN said...

ha i change blog le.

jiahao said...

eh... link me leh
new blog

j0jelly said...

hey don't go online anymore?

Anonymous said...

i miss you...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Muacckz