Monday, January 24, 2011

Shabu-shabu night

Thank you Ace for inviting me to join you for the Shabu-shabu!!

We are meat lovers. At the end, no veg inside. =P


Otah I brought from KL (:

After dinner, KITTY TIME!!!

Meow to Roger!

Hello Gangster!!!

Gangster kissed me!!!

Awww..... Kittyyyyyyyyyyyy♥

I want attention!!! HAHA!!

Meow to Ace!

EEEE!! So cuteee!!


So baby!!


After that small kitty kiss Gangster, Gangster scratch the lil-kitty!

Ace found his childhood toy! HAHAH!

I think this is sooo smart!
Don't even need battery!

After nom nom.. ICE-CREAM!!!

Ace's - always the same.



Once again, thanks for the night!!!

Michiyo : Ya man! So long nv see you already!
Guest-Xue : Hmm,.. Maybe I look better in photos? And, I'm always with makeup on!
Relfy : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Still, I'm always hungry!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We enjoy our weekends - Part 1

A short post of my last weekend.
Why I didn't post the other part cos....

Sorry for not attending your Commissioning Parade.
But not bad ok! I went to meet you after that!
Just to take pictures!!
See I'm so nice! =P
Well, finally!!!! Saluted!!!!!

Congratulation Tiny!!!!!!

Up next!!! OUR FIRST LOK LOK!!! Wahahahahah!!!!

Force him to take picture. HAHA! Look at his face!

Nom nom nom.... I LIKE~!!!!

Guest : Bio-essence BBcream, the 8 in 1 BBcream. And I'm using Samsung ST550 (: Well, the camera effects is good but within 6 months, I've repair it 2s!
Michiyo : Working as?? Alamak!! You also never call me!!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 New Year Countdown

HAPPY 2011!!!!
So fast its already the 3th day of 2011, so how was the year?

Here to share my NYE and the countdown celebration @Siloso beach (:

I finally get to eat the Hokkien mee @ Circuit road after it reopen for half a year I guess?
Its sooooooooooo good!!
After that we went to ICA to collect something.
It was raining so heavily!!
Pray hard that it'll stop when we are @ Siloso beach!

Shop shop @ Iluma

i ♥ taimei's caramel milk tea!

Look at Tiny's face, guess what is that???

Its chicken tail!! 七里香 a.k.a chicken backside!

A bit spicy for me. Hee~!

On our way to Vivo...





1 girl with a pig

Act fierce take 1.

Act fierce take 2.

I can't wait!!

Yeah! Our tickets to the countdown partyyyy!!!

We start drawing and this few guys saw and start to draw on Jason's big boobs.
They drew a sun that don't don't like a sun. HAHA!
So funny!

Cannot really read the words on us.
Its written,"Single is ♥"


Woooot~!! Kiss!!

Haha! The mark!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
New year 1st photo!!!

Happy new year Tiny!!!
I was calling my mum and I lost my babies!! ):

And suddenly, I turn and saw them!! Hee!! The snake is soooooo pretty!

I finally found them!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR BABIES!!!

Now, picture one by one! :D



Jason. Look at the durian. =.=

Jamie. She is sooooooo cute! HAHA!

Trina the hot babe!

Gerald, please eat fatter! HAHAHA I don't wanna stand next to him!


Yo yo! Happy new year!!!

Theres something written on my hand, ya, cannot read, I know. HAHAHA!

Weeeeee~ Party people everywhere!

Some booth with some Bboys dancing. I'm too short to see ):
So I play with the things around there.


Happy only!

And guess what! I saw a few of my friends there!

David. (:

And siao cha bo GINA YEE! LOL!

Chatting half way, fireworks again!!

They super sweet only!

Whats with your expression Gina?!

Super like this picture!!



Hee!! Gerald&Jamie.

Heee~!! Sexy!! I know you like this picture!

Another sexy!

AAHHHHahaha! I know, I'm 太平公主. LOL!

I look darker den Anna luh! Hee~ Happy only!

Take my camera take yourself!! Hee!!

I confirm disturb! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I ♥ THIS!!!!

♥ This 2 is 来迟公主s
New year already please kick the habit!!! LOL!

♥ Friendship nv ends ya!

Thanks Gerald for coming back to bring us out of sentosa and sending my baby back!
Thanks Tiny for the treat and everything, including the parking fees! LOL!
Thanks Anna & Elisa for coming to the party with me!
Thank you everyone who is in the blog post to make this party a happening one!!! ♥

We're such piglets cos we are always hungry, so makan 1st den home to SLEEEPPP!!


2010've already put the worries,troubles,dirts all in his bag and ran away from us 3 days ago
and 2011 is here with all the good stuff to share with us!
So don't worry anymore!
Well, I've finally crawl and drag myself tru 2010.
I'll make this year a great one!! I PROMISE!!

Baobei : All thanks to my camera's beauty mode!
Guest-Xue : Happy 2011 to you too!!

Come flood me with questions in 2011 @