Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We enjoy our weekends - Part 1

A short post of my last weekend.
Why I didn't post the other part cos....

Sorry for not attending your Commissioning Parade.
But not bad ok! I went to meet you after that!
Just to take pictures!!
See I'm so nice! =P
Well, finally!!!! Saluted!!!!!

Congratulation Tiny!!!!!!

Up next!!! OUR FIRST LOK LOK!!! Wahahahahah!!!!

Force him to take picture. HAHA! Look at his face!

Nom nom nom.... I LIKE~!!!!

Guest : Bio-essence BBcream, the 8 in 1 BBcream. And I'm using Samsung ST550 (: Well, the camera effects is good but within 6 months, I've repair it 2s!
Michiyo : Working as?? Alamak!! You also never call me!!!!

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