Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going back to HongKong.

BYE Singapore!!!
Hello HongKong!!!
I am flying off tomorrow!
Try to blog if possible!!

Nowhere to be found when I was looking for you.
I turn around and walk away.
Nowhere to be found when you were looking for me.
I turn back, wishing to have some chances of seeing you.
But I could only see you walking away.
Further and further.

This world is funny.
When I was so determine to give up...

ChiaWei*:: You are..? Sorry, I don't remember.
Kim*:: Haha. Hope you like the present! The red hair is not anywhere near cute luh!
Chrishirl*:: Nice what!
Alicia*::Okok! Super sexy right!!!
SoonYan*:: 28? I'll be in HK.
Snoopy*:: BISH! Its SHANNA! Not Sailor moon!
Guest:: Yup, normally I will use the fiber. If can I will post up how I do it. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FHM August`09 issue

Sexy Chrishirl*!!!
Super pretty yeah???
Anyway, cannot show the whole picture!
Sexy back!
Wanna have more sexy picture of Chrishirl*?
Wanna see whats under the blur out part of the picture?
Quick grab a copy of FHM August issue!!!

We are also in this issue!
See us in our long red hair.
Shana look alike competition.
Don't forget to vote for us!

Only need your email,IC number and its free!
Its a daily vote. So you can vote for us once everyday with the same email!!
So, continue supporting our Singapore FHM girls!!

Kim*:: Your hair also very nice! Had fun on your birthday! Thanks! Hope you like the present!
KenKen*:: Wearing them! The shoes too small! Thanks!
Alicia*:: I don't have your link! ):
Relfy*:: Thanks babe. I will see you tml after I am done with my stuff. The timing changed. I needa go there at 3. Hopefully you can make it at night ):
Chrishirl*:: (: Another post for you! CHIO!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

To RetardC:

Don't know if its just your random tots.

But whatever it is.
I am really touched. (:
I am not good at words, don't know how to phrase it well.
But simple,
love ya retardC!
Thanks =D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stinky mouth

Know me well, you'll love me.
Don't go around telling anyone about me when you don't know me.
Cos normally the untrue stories will slowly go into the ears of my friends.
Friends support me, you will only get a new name, pigeon.

Can't believe people can actually say such things about me.
Jojo won't do anything to let anyone down.
Jojo won't regret doing anything.
I am true, are you?
Why am I blogging about this cos I've heard too much.
Well, don't assume whoever I am referring to.
Cos like what I've stated, people who don't know me.
Obviously I don't know them too.

JiaHui*:: Heh.. Since when I don't look funneh? LOL!
Chrishirl*:: To your email?
happyQueen:: Ok only lar.. Lets save up for a holiday trip!
Michiyo*:: Haha. okok. Will go and check it out (:
vogueindulge:: I missed the diving part. Never get to do it.
Melissa*:: Sorry, will not be in SG!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blue Blue Love

Jojo* underwater

Sorry for not updating about the Tioman trip.
No one send me photos ):
Well, cos I never charge the camera battery properly.
So only a few pics were taken by my camera.
Will update as soon as they send me the pictures ya!

Guest:: Thanks! Vote for us!
JiaHui*:: Thanks!
Michiyo*:: Is it? I nv even heard of it =P Thanks!
Hao*:: Yup, we did (:
Kim*:: Yup! I am going!
HappyQueen:: SURE!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shakugan no Shana II - Shana look alike contest

Wanna see 3 of our FHM babes on Animax?
Tune in to channel 84 on SCV starting today! 1st of July, 7.30pm.
3 each from FHM Singapore, FHM Malaysia and FHM Philippines – all dressed as Shana and shown on Animax channel.
We will each host an episode of Shakugan no Shana II.
So, look out for it!!

Vote for us!!
You also get to see us on August issue of FHM!!
(It will be out on this month if I'm not wrong =P)
So, get a copy and see JOJO LAI* in red long hair!
Don't forget to support our Singapore FHM girls!!
May Wu* Jojo Lai* and Chrishirl Teng*!!!!

Sorry for not blogging much.
Thanks Brandon* for letting me use your lappy.
Will return it to you in whole. HAHAHA.
I am leaving to Tioman later!
You'll get to see another Jojo Lai*,
won't be as fair after the trip I guess.
I'll come back with lotsa pictures!
Another big thank you to Mr.GirlyGirl for the camera!
All the best for you ya! Remeber the "3th determination"!
Hope it come true cos Jojo Lai* say so. HAHA!

Relfy*:: See you when I come back ok? Miss!!
Guest:: Ya CRABBBBB!!!! Omg, you remind me. Craving mannnn
Melany*:: You meanie!! HAHA. Work with you again soon! Very fun luh! Don't DOTA too much! Noob. =P
Brandon*:: JensenY* call you that what. Will post when I upload to your lappy. (:
SoonYan*:: (:
YiFan*:: Ok! Call you when I'm Back! Will call you and Felicia* out when I am back! (: