Friday, July 10, 2009

Stinky mouth

Know me well, you'll love me.
Don't go around telling anyone about me when you don't know me.
Cos normally the untrue stories will slowly go into the ears of my friends.
Friends support me, you will only get a new name, pigeon.

Can't believe people can actually say such things about me.
Jojo won't do anything to let anyone down.
Jojo won't regret doing anything.
I am true, are you?
Why am I blogging about this cos I've heard too much.
Well, don't assume whoever I am referring to.
Cos like what I've stated, people who don't know me.
Obviously I don't know them too.

JiaHui*:: Heh.. Since when I don't look funneh? LOL!
Chrishirl*:: To your email?
happyQueen:: Ok only lar.. Lets save up for a holiday trip!
Michiyo*:: Haha. okok. Will go and check it out (:
vogueindulge:: I missed the diving part. Never get to do it.
Melissa*:: Sorry, will not be in SG!

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