Wednesday, November 26, 2008

East cost - chilling session

My x`mas present that I've open (:
From my Queen!!

Well, Thought honey comb is sweet.
But it wasn't. Its like plastic after biting a few times.
And it'll stuck on your teeth.
But overall, its yummy.

Thanks Queen! <3

(Anyway, I cut my hair AGAIN! So this is how I look with the new messy hair)
So hungry and I 've got myself a double don't know what.
Its 2x as big as the normal one.

Finish it all after a bowl of maggie before I left house.
How to slim down you tell me?

Kat* Jas* Rene* Dave* and of coz, Candy*

Messy hair Jojo* & Kat*

Trying to stop her to take a pic with me.

She is so super playful..

The best pic. Jasmine*s finger block the flash coz Candy* is really hyperactive.

Pretty Candy*, big girl now (:

So sweet (: I like this pic!

Kat* trying to kill Candy*
The cat wanna kill the dog.

Coming up next.. My new hair!!!

Ya, for a day (:
My fringe is a lot shorter but not as short as I wanted
Half of my hair is like.. shoulder length
I cut it myself today, again..

)': My hair

Thats how I look with just the front hair..
The shoulder length hair.

It don't suit me )':

Now, its even harder to take a nice picture )':

Hope the upcoming pictures don't scare you. LOL

Prove that I am fair. See my hand?? I even put a darker tone foundation.

This will be how I look if I am with short hair.
Well, I am too bored.
Sis said that I should cut my hair.. SHORT

I think I my fringe looks nicer after the 2nd cut compared to the 1st cut.
What do you think?

Yvonne*:: OK! I wanna see you too!
LiKuan*:: You'll know when we meet up. I am sure you will say its ugly.
Man:: But I am not extra friendly, I might not be kind and I am not romantic..Hmm.. Thanks anyway.
Crystal*:: Posted!
Kim*:: I told you, I am bored.
Kat*:: Thanks! Nice to see you! Lets meet up more (: Geee~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I cut my hair ):

I miss my hair!!!

20NOV`08 - met up with my LaoGong @ TAKA

Chat and chat. Chilling with her is.. <3

Heh.. <3

Dear and me

Miki* and Jojo*

KaiYun* and Jojo*
Actually still have a few more pics but not sure if they would like me to post it up.

DearDearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Always thinks that dear looks like XiaoZhu* (:

After my hair cut!!! Argh.. Now it looks like.. OMFGugly

Accompany gaygay to Amanda*s birthday.

Nanny cook nice food and need lotsa hardwork.
Need to peel the crab stick.
Super hard and I gave up.
the picture above is the best. Longest!

The shorter ones

Supper.. Yummy chicken. Thanks!
1st time I watch a show I'll cry..
And the show is just 转角遇到爱
HAHA. Stupid. I am sucha crybaby now!

Oh my:: ok~ (:
Crystal*:: This time I really cut!!
Relfy:: I love it too!!! Super meaningful!
Hao*:: Yea =P
Jumbo:: ok~ (:
Jevonne*:: Its ok! i'll see you soon!
LiKuan*:: Ya. My friends accompany me bo liao also.
Vivi*:: Hey sexy!! I saw your blog. Super pretty pictures!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Malaysia Trip

Hello Malaysia!!!!!!

Hello Dave* Hello Rene*!!!!!
They brought me to Malaysia just to have maggie goreng.

Hello JOJO*!!!!

Hello Yummy!!!!

Hello Meow!!!!
(Flash scare him)

Hello meow!!!! He loves Rene*
Keep sticking to him and Rene* is the only one that never feed him!

After yummy, back to SG!!!

POP:: I'll change (:
Relfy:: Got something to ask you!!
Denise*:: Ayo.. Mei You Yuan. HA
LaoGong:: Ya.. Haha. HOT?!
Butcher:: Ayo!! Put your name ma! HAHAHA!!
Crystal*:: I never cut. Just tie up and put on my cap (: Thanks!
Nick*:: Woot~! (:
Nana*:: Kinda shocked you are here! (: Woooooooooot~!
Vampy:: You think too much already lar.. HAHA.. no one can replace anyone (: Both of you are totally different also. Just same name (:

Don't get things wrong,
sorry..You should`ve know..
Everyone knows

Wells, Jojo* is a happy girl <3

Monday, November 17, 2008

Singtel Event @ Suntec

Singtel event (: Working with Vanessa* is FUN FUN FUN!

Trying very hard to aim! See my hairband?

JOJO* & Vanessa*

Taurus & Gemini

Well fed. LOL. 3 meals a day, with fruits!!

They dancing the Jimmy Neutron dance. HAHA. Super cute!

Vanessa* and I up on stage To give out some gift.

And both of them sitting there playing PSP. Super cute!

Vanessa* Tabitha* Angeline* and I, we are the smile ambassador.
Giving out smiley badges and they wanna eat it (:

Ferlynn*:: ok. Its 612 星球
Pop:: ok!
Kim*:: Done! Thanks!
Nick*:: LOL. Jealous is it =x Don't use my tagboard to advertise your phone number eh! HAHAHAHA
Butcher:: Huh? My idol?
Man:: Close means must have something going on? One night stand some more. So why never think of I am a les? I kiss my girls and I blog about it (: Who is the childish one, I don't have to comment, people judge on their own. The problem is, I don't even know who are you, no one will ask anyone this kind of things. So the problem is... you, cos normal people don't go around, curious asking such questions. (: And a blog is not meant for people to come and question the writter, why not go check out whats the point of reading a blog? And also check on your mentality or something. (: Get well soon!
Jevonne*:: I am jealous too! I'll try to snip it off =x
Dave*:: You are which Dave*? Why? don't jealous eh =x
Denise*:: Yeap! Hear from you soon ya!
LaoGong:: In his/her eyes, WE ARE LESBIANS, I think. I even call you LaoGong. He/She just wanna stir up something. A lot of 小人 around me..
LiKuan*:: Whats your friend's friend's name?