Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry. Lack of post!

Busy! Will blog when I am free.
Hopefully tomorrow (:

Anyway, if anyone stays near to Bukit Timah.
Here to share with all of you..
A very cool chill out place.
Will blog about it again real soon!

If any pretty ladies who are interested to work.
Email me @ [[email.jojolai@gmail.com]]

Man:: LOL. Got Bf can't have a blog? And since when I've got myself a Bf and I don't even know? Do you even know me?
Crystal*:: Icic (:
Ndy*:: Thanks. see ya (:
LiKuan*:: YA! I also want (:
Denise*:: ok! You plan ba!
Lin:: Er... My complexion not very good..
Hao*:: Send (:
Nick*:: eh eh(: Haha. OH YEAHHHHH~
Zee*:: (: thanks
Joses*:: He never send me. I've got your pics too!
Gladys*:: My complexion is not very good..

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