Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I cut my hair ):

I miss my hair!!!

20NOV`08 - met up with my LaoGong @ TAKA

Chat and chat. Chilling with her is.. <3

Heh.. <3

Dear and me

Miki* and Jojo*

KaiYun* and Jojo*
Actually still have a few more pics but not sure if they would like me to post it up.

DearDearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Always thinks that dear looks like XiaoZhu* (:

After my hair cut!!! Argh.. Now it looks like.. OMFGugly

Accompany gaygay to Amanda*s birthday.

Nanny cook nice food and need lotsa hardwork.
Need to peel the crab stick.
Super hard and I gave up.
the picture above is the best. Longest!

The shorter ones

Supper.. Yummy chicken. Thanks!
1st time I watch a show I'll cry..
And the show is just 转角遇到爱
HAHA. Stupid. I am sucha crybaby now!

Oh my:: ok~ (:
Crystal*:: This time I really cut!!
Relfy:: I love it too!!! Super meaningful!
Hao*:: Yea =P
Jumbo:: ok~ (:
Jevonne*:: Its ok! i'll see you soon!
LiKuan*:: Ya. My friends accompany me bo liao also.
Vivi*:: Hey sexy!! I saw your blog. Super pretty pictures!!!

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