Wednesday, November 26, 2008

East cost - chilling session

My x`mas present that I've open (:
From my Queen!!

Well, Thought honey comb is sweet.
But it wasn't. Its like plastic after biting a few times.
And it'll stuck on your teeth.
But overall, its yummy.

Thanks Queen! <3

(Anyway, I cut my hair AGAIN! So this is how I look with the new messy hair)
So hungry and I 've got myself a double don't know what.
Its 2x as big as the normal one.

Finish it all after a bowl of maggie before I left house.
How to slim down you tell me?

Kat* Jas* Rene* Dave* and of coz, Candy*

Messy hair Jojo* & Kat*

Trying to stop her to take a pic with me.

She is so super playful..

The best pic. Jasmine*s finger block the flash coz Candy* is really hyperactive.

Pretty Candy*, big girl now (:

So sweet (: I like this pic!

Kat* trying to kill Candy*
The cat wanna kill the dog.

Coming up next.. My new hair!!!

Ya, for a day (:
My fringe is a lot shorter but not as short as I wanted
Half of my hair is like.. shoulder length
I cut it myself today, again..

)': My hair

Thats how I look with just the front hair..
The shoulder length hair.

It don't suit me )':

Now, its even harder to take a nice picture )':

Hope the upcoming pictures don't scare you. LOL

Prove that I am fair. See my hand?? I even put a darker tone foundation.

This will be how I look if I am with short hair.
Well, I am too bored.
Sis said that I should cut my hair.. SHORT

I think I my fringe looks nicer after the 2nd cut compared to the 1st cut.
What do you think?

Yvonne*:: OK! I wanna see you too!
LiKuan*:: You'll know when we meet up. I am sure you will say its ugly.
Man:: But I am not extra friendly, I might not be kind and I am not romantic..Hmm.. Thanks anyway.
Crystal*:: Posted!
Kim*:: I told you, I am bored.
Kat*:: Thanks! Nice to see you! Lets meet up more (: Geee~

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