Monday, December 01, 2008

Random pics!

Singapore is so small.
Met up with this guy who is my friend's friend.
As we were chatting, I realise we have lotsa comment friends.
Wellllllllllll.. One of them is,..
Can you imagin....
I share the same ex with a guy?
HAHA. I couldn't stop laughing!!!!

Random pictures (:

Went to look for Jevonne* the other day and after that when Zouking with Tin* and GuoHao*

Bong and me

Bong, me, Hao

Juice 10th anniversary @ Zouk

Tabitha* & Jojo*

Vanessa* and Jojo*

The phone we were using (:

Taking picture with them make me look super fat!

Drinking session with Dear, Miki* & XinYi*

XinYi* & Jojo*


Miki* Xinyi* Jojo*

Photo with WanXin*(Hope i never spell wrongly?)
Thanks for guiding me (: Hope to see you soon!

super random. The big and the small. (:
Going to buy a new camera. Any suggestion??

Jasmine*:: Yup! Thanks!
Ferlynn*:: Its not ):
Kim*:: I cut at salon 1st then I cut again by myself.
Relfy:: SurE?? =DDDDD
Corie*:: I regretted but.. coz I was bored with the hair.
Shanon*:: Yup.
Michiyo*:: REALLY?!
Kat*:: See you soon. Club together too!
Hao*:: Nice hanging out with you. I know I look like ghost lar ):
Crystal*:: Lucky I never cut till so short =P
Vivi:: Take good care of your leg!!!!
Eddy:: I only tune the colours. Nothing else. Why? Whats wrong? (:
Man:: Hmm. i don't really know whats that but I just think that its super big and nice (: Thanks for the MTV anyway.
Kai*:: LOL. Stupid la you.. CB so cb one =x I really cut lar.
Mabel*:: I don't think so ):

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