Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween @ SocialHouse

(Dead)Punk Rocker - Randen* Vincent* Edison*

Rushed down from home. Missed my flight from KL.
Came back to SG at around 11PM+
Wearing the wig. (:

Took Vincent*s mask, with Nana*.

Nana* HarryQ*

Nana* JensenOMK*my Fbf

Jojo* Jerlyn*(Sorry if I got the wrong name) Shanon*

WeiSong* Jojo* Shanon*

Happy uh?
Shawn* with the white hand!

I don't watch Naruto so I don't know who is he.

2 screams.

"You wanna makan?"

Act chio with my wig.

Smoking luhhh...

Anyhow exchange, anyhow wear.


Eh.. sorry! My Fbf just love it!

More? =x

Cool uh?

FIGHT! Ding Ding Ding!

Edison* the scream

Daniel* the scream

Daniel* Shawn*

Passerby (:

Daniel* first time see him so good looking uh.=x

Jojo* with Kerlyn* (:

We saw Super Mario when we were on the way to take a cab.

Guess what are they doing?
They were disturbing the taxi uncle.
If I'm the uncle, I'll throw them out of the cab.
Too irritating.
LiKuan*:: Eh hello. I still as chubby ok! So still cute lar.. =P
Guest:: Back from KL already. Will blog about it soon. Stay tune!! LOL
WINGS*:: Thanks!
Vanessa*:: Both also cannot leh. Sad already. Super sad.
Jevonne*:: You finally appear when you saw my MSN nick! Heh.. I am always here. I nv work. Don't dare to call you cos you're busy with work. I'll comfrim with you again if I'm going club tommore ya. Lovesss
Anyone know where to host pictures? The one I am using to host, my pictures will MIA. ): No more nice nice pictures already. ): HELP!
So many things I am thinking about. Head big already.
Don't know what I thinking also.
Think too much till I don't feel like thinking anymore.
Just fuck it ya? (:

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