Sunday, September 16, 2007

Feeling upset, for nothing?

Don't know why, feeling kinda upset now. Something is bothering me. Bugging me till i can't sleep. I found, I read, I feel. Sometimes i feel, not knowing something so clearly is even better than you know everything. Ohh wells, mood swing i guess?

LOVE, why are you not here ):

will reply to tag on the next post. no more butterfly kisses for me?


jellyj0 said...

of course not! there'll always be butterfly kisses for you :D

don't moodswing too much yea? its bad for health :) CHEER UP!

Poh Crystal said...

cheer up :)

illusion said...

baby girl.. no moodswing k? iiLOVEuu//.. my birthday, uu moodswing i do not enuff.
ii'm missing the times i tok with uu..

JaMie<*3 said...

hey... friends are there for you!!!example.. me.. call me lo... haha.. take care gal..

e whole world noone have butterfly kisses u also will have one la.. at least u have me!!! haha.. don think too much.

see you soon(:

jellyj0 said...

were you working at sentosa golf club lately?