Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry to people who was worried

Big big sorry to everyone.
Sorry for MIA`ing.
Will blog when I am better..
Anyway, I am fine.

Jing*:: Added =)
LiKuan*:: Who say? LOL. I super free can. Just that I am sick lar. Meet up real soon!
Snoobish:: Most stupid is you, I can't snatch the 1st place with you. sorry ah. LOL
DMWL*:: Don't bluff lar. And ya! My ladies night!!
Relfy*:: =)
BaoBao:: Haha. Just pictures =)
Passby:: Friend?
Hao*:: ohhh. LOL. always Dbl o eh? saw your blog.
Miki*:: ??
Michiyo*:: Paiseh. Didn't see
Riyu:: I know and I won't. Thank
Rose*:: ok =)
SoonYan*:: Thanks =)
Shanon*:: Thanks =)
Edison*:: Thanks =) see ya soon

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