Monday, June 02, 2008

Moody makes you sick!

A lil but sweet dedication from random queen LiKuan*
Anyway, tell you, don't think too much at home, emo emo makes you sick =(
Thanks friends =D For all this lil-things

Steph*:: thanks its ok =)
SoonYan*:: with you all around, makes me feel love =)
Jackson*:: sorry I never reapply give out my msn now
Jevonne*:: ya, working life = no life!
Jeanie*:: same as Jensen*, Laneige =)
LiKuan*:: I am not
. Thats why must look at them.
AhHao*:: icic, I think I know who, but I've nv see him/her b4
:p :: 159? 162? I don't know.. went to 2 places to measure and got 2 diff results. Why? I look short to you?

Something wrong with my blog. zzz

Sorry, really not in the right mind to blog.
Click to enlarge =)) to see her love to me =DDD

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