Friday, June 13, 2008


Woot~ I am back!
So much fun yesterday!!
Now no work so can slack =D
Went to 2 new places. Dbl O and Eski few days back =D

Yesterday I went to Hougang with DMWL* to get something and went to clark quay.
Went to get my new love from ahbao* and after that shop at central.

Shopping for a cake for DMWL*s friend.
While we were walking at somewhere near this shop call morethanwords I think?
When I look back I don't see DMWL* behind me anymore. (omg, laughing to my computer)
When I saw him, he looks like he was in pain and he use that kinda innocent face and tell me,"That girl just poked me! And it hurts!"
And I started laughing non-stop already.
After walking for so long, we finally settle down to the cake at TCC
I thought mini toons or something has paper plates and guess what?
We went back to the shop where the girl poked him and he really went back to ask her why did she poke him. LOL!!Can't stop laughting, his expression is so... LOL. ok, innocent..

All of the birthday boy's friends called him at the last minute saying that they are all not going, some with GFs, some need to accompany other people.. So damn sad when I can imagine when DMWL* sort of like saying, he need to accompany this girl and ask him to understand. LOL.

The boys were so sweet you know?!?!?!
The birthday boy, pissed, sitting there drinking with 2 of his friends, still thinking that why is his friends like that.. The whole group of boys just sang happy birthday to him so loudly and I think everyone was like looking. Can see the birthday boy so so so happy =)

After that, I went to look for Jevonne*
Poor DMWL*. =x
Anyway, met Chris* at BB then to town for lan with DMWL* and his friend. (who seriously looks like the police host for crime watch)
Chris* went off early.
Guess what? the boys taught me how to play audition. xD
And we started out gunbound like after 5 years????
And I went to look at my old password, so many memories! Was childish last time but was so much happier!
Well well, seriously enjoy so much!!!
DMWL* if you happens to read this post, don't be so stress anymore, we'll GB again soon!

Rushing to do something. Will upload pics when my laziness are gone!
Smile smile smiley. new love =D

Rushing for time, so will reply tags and upload pic on the other post!!!SORRY

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