Saturday, June 07, 2008

Like finally.

Night life is so much fun =D
Night job is so cool.
Yesterday I went down to boat quay to look for Jevonne* and shun bian return Candy*s hoody.
Finally got my 1st waterfall @ blue blazze =)
Got bullied with don't know what shots.
Drink a lil.
And finally meet YIFANYIFAN* to drink.
Saw so many people there.
Talk for a while..
Went back homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So to you I am just making use of you?
So I find no point asking you out anymore.
This really makes me thinks that, are we really friends?
Why must you think so much and see others that they are all make`ing use of you?
Make your life so upset for what?
Well, won't talk much.
Up to you to think also.

Until you realise your friends are leavng you one by one....

LiKuan*:: I always look like one. =P
Denise*::HUH? so long? LOL. wth, I don't even know
Jevonne*:: =D

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