Monday, January 08, 2007

I've met my worst week of my life

i lost my phone
i bake a cake at kelly*s house for the Queen's b'day
i cried

will post photos up soon
even my blog is getting lonely

nahyieve:: =)
laoGong:: call me soon!


KELLY said...

you criedddddddddd?? o.O

Relfy said...

oh u have our contact number? if u need it i will message our numbers to your friendster..

FrankyRaven said...

why cry??? no money to eat hehe~ =P so long didnt msg u liao le.. when wanna meet de ??

Anonymous said...

why you cry?

Cuiping said...

do cheer up. i'm sure your friends will always be there for you when you need them. take care. :)

Jo said...


Not lonely not lonely!

We're here! :)

chener said...

relink mama k? hehehhe. take care. keep in touch. =D