Wednesday, January 03, 2007


anyway, back with lotsa photoz

my sis and i occupy the biggest room with a toilet =))
so fun!

beautiful big big country

the wedding!!

their wedding is different from Singapore i guess
they invite singers to go up and sing
she sound like tt kinda "Ge Tai" singer

the beautiful bride!!!

back in Singapore and i saw 3 rainbows!
at 1st was 1 very near to my honey's house
den spotted 2 rainbows together one end of to expressway to aonther side
the picture can't see the 2nd rainbow as it was fading

count down!!!

we took picture with Chen Fong Ling
issit her name huh
didn't really know who is she. but oh wells
guess yingRui* like her a lot
so we chase till toilet just to take a picture

sis brought a new camera
camera testing

nahyieve:: haha.. =D
FrankyRaven:: i donno who is the one who asked for the picture. Thanks =)


nahyieve said...

countdown picture send me ke yi ma? >_<. the original one. xie xie hehe.

Anonymous said...

Lao PO!!! u're back! when can we meet up? i wanna pass u ur xmas present leh. although its like damn late la. hahaz...